Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some New Duds

Jacob wanted a picture taken of him with all his new soccer gear on so Dad could see it. He didn't want to wait until tomorrow. He must be my son!!

Grace wanted to show off her new shoes and pulled in a friend (some stuffed animal)and a tiara! Ever the girlie girl.

AND you would have to know that Jadyn could NEVER have pictures taken of her siblings without her getting into the action!

The Little Scholar...did you notice all those books behind him?

So do they look???

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Target & Music Class

I love my kids! They are so interesting. We went to Target after school today (to get some jelly beans for our movie night, of course). While we were there, we passed by one of the first grade teachers from their school. Jacob looked at me as if to say "Look Mom! She shops!?!?! And at OUR store." I explained to him that yes teachers do shop after school. Then as we were checking out a kindergarten teacher from their school walked in and Grace looked shocked. She said "Look Mom...LOOK Mom! It's Mrs. Lindahl. She is HERE." I think they think WE are the only ones who shop at Target (except for those few other people who are always there - you know who you are).

Monday I went to *music* class with Grace and today I went with Jacob. How much fun! They sang and showed the parents all the ways they learn music. Then we had to join in a do the *funny* dances. It was neat to see the difference in my own kids. Grace sang as loud (and in tune) as she could and was very animated in her arm motions. Jacob....well, I think he would have rather been under a rock than in that class. He was probably thinking *it is bad enough that they make me sing, but to make me do it in front of all these people is ridiculous*. He did it, but made sure he didn't look like he was doing it. You had to watch him very closely to see what he was doing.

Ahhhhh....they are so great!!!! I sure do love them!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Digital vs. Analog

Tonight I was laying with Jacob and he asked me how high the numbers on the clock went before it turned from 8 to 9. I told him it would go to 59 before turning to the 9. He also asked me if that was a digital clock. I told him yes it was. He then asked me what the clock was called that had the hands on it. I was thinking...(because I had no idea)....and he said "analog?" That did not seem right to me but, again, I did not really know what it was called. I told him I would check. Guess what? (I mean if you are like me and don't already know) It is called an analog clock. I thought that was only for TV! Leave it to my 6 year old boy genius to educate his mother on clocks. I guess homeschooling is not on my horizon....unless I am the student.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend Update with Michelle Pawlak

I have a minute because Greg is getting ready to do baths, so I thought I would update on the day. Greg got home at midnight last night and told me this morning that I woke up in the middle of the night (after midnight is really morning not middle of the night)...anyway and I turned to him and said "Look at the stars. Aren't they nice tonight? Just look at the stars." He, of course, humored me and looked and commented on how nice they were and as he was speaking, I apparently turned over and started snoring. Well, I'm not sure if I believe it or not...but I certainly know that I DO NOT snore! Interesting though. Today was pretty much playing all day. I felt like I was cooking all day. I made a cake for dinner tomorrow, and the *stuff* I made for dinner tonight would have been good had there been enough sauce on it - it was way too dry. Funny thing is, my kids loved it! I am not going to try so hard anymore. They like the *junk*. After dinner was Skip-bo, Wii baseball and then Twister (I am the champ!). So after the kids go to bed, Greg and I are going to watch Fireproof and feast on Hot Tamales and Hershey's Kisses. Are you all jealous yet? Ok - I am just kidding - I know you know. I love the weekends!

All my love.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kid's Night

We went to BWW for dinner tonight - kid's night - yay!! Love a restaurant that caters to the kids. It was a great break for mom. The magician that did balloon animals was a sure hit!

I know I have something more to say but can't think...I am on the edge of my seat, watching American Idol. What a waste of time!

Oh I remember now....our waitress was so rude. She ignored us most of the time and when we asked for the cookies (that were supposed to come with the kid's meals) she reluctantly went and got them....and then said "there were only 4 left" and threw them on the table. Other than her rudeness...the issue was that we had 5 *eating* children and only 4 cookies. You can imagine the ruckus that ensued. It wasn't until I was in the van on the way home that it REALLY hit me how bad she was. So I called and spoke to the manager, who apologized (which needed to happen) and then he told me he would have a GC waiting for me for the next time we came back. I didn't think that something like that would happen - I just wanted that darn waitress to get a *talking to*, but who can turn down FREE FOOD???

Catching Up

Friday Night Smackdown (3/13/09)

The boy loves his baths....*splashdown* (3/14/09)

Grace showing that she remembered how to ride her bike. Yay Grace! (3/15/09)

Jacob's attempt at a garage sale....4 cones for the bargain price of $10 each OR 4 for $40. There is also a basketball for sale for...get this...a measley $50. What a salesman! (3/15/09)

My little shamrocks! Happy St. Patrick's Day! (obviously 3/17/09)

Not much else to report (that I can remember). Things are just rolling along - no changes - same old, same old.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Just Some Thoughts

So I think I am worrying. I am REALLY trying not to. I KNOW it is a sin. I KNOW God has a plan for us. I am just freaking out over it!! Why?!?! Yeah ~ that is the question of the day. I think about Greg's job ~ I freak out. I think about this house ~ I freak out. I think about moving ~ I freak out. Now here is the deal though, I am not concerned about any of them per se....I just really HATE the unknown. I am such a baby. I am going through a stage in my life where I have to rely solely on the grace of God. No it is not a stage ~ this is how life is SUPPOSED to be. I have to rely on His complete providence. I have to trust that He will provide for our needs. Please don't misunderstand me ~ we are not going without, we are not in need, we are not even uncomfortable (well OK I am) - but not physically. We are so truly blessed that it is an embarrassing shame that I am feeling, acting and talking this way. I just struggle A LOT with change. I am really excited about the possibility of moving (and certainly being with my husband), but I get so worked up about the unknown VARIABLES. And man....there certainly seem to be a lot of those. Oh Lord Jesus, please rule in my life. Please guide me, calm me, help me not be so full of myself and be more full of you.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pictures from the *Photo Shoot*

Some of my favorites...

photos courtesy of

Sleeping *BEAUTIES*

So last night the girls slept with me. When I went to check on them, this is what I found (in my king-size bed). Hanging on the edge of the bed, snuggled together.

Then I came to bed and all they had done was switch directions. Still snuggled close.

Then Grace immediately and quite matter-of-factly got up (I thought she was sleep walking), walked into the bathroom and went potty. All without actually opening her eyes! AND she was not in her room like normal. I was a touch frightened! After that, she came back into bed. But she climbed OVER Jadyn and lay down next to me. At this point I was reading...but when I stopped to look at them....THIS is what I found!

YES! Feet on her sister's head - like she was an ottoman or something. Here is a close-up.

I was laughing so hard I semi woke Grace up. I asked her if she wanted me to move Jadyn and she said no. After a few more minutes, she finally asked me to *scooch* her over. I moved Jadyn and then Grace rolled over and did this.....

WHY do I even had 2 beds for them? Go figure.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Haircut, Please

Can you tell a haircut is in order? This is how Jacob came out of the bathroom after his shower tonight. What a goof-ball! If you look closely and concentrate you can ALMOST see Scott.

My Marriage

My husband and I are SO IN LOVE! I mean it is crazy! He is the greatest guy in the world and I am so blessed to be married to him. This time in our lives is certainly NOT what we had in mind, but OH how God works. I mean...we had a good marriage to begin with, but I can't help but see the Lord's hand in this. How we long to see each other and hear the sound of each other's voices. Sounds a little silly, but by being apart we are being drawn closer together. I am so thankful that I am married to a man that is willing to do what he has to, despite the fact that it is painful and OH SO VERY HARD! It is impossible not to see God working in this. His plans are never our plans, are they? They are so much better. So we will carry on, praising the Lord all the way!!


I love to hear about answers to prayer. It is really great when it is an answer to MY prayer, but this time it is not. My cousin, Becky, called me and told me that she was praying Sunday night for direction in her life (she is an EXCELLENT pediatric nurse that has been *travelling*). Well, low and behold, Monday morning she received a call for a phone interview for a job at DeVos (Grand Rapids). What an amazing answer to prayer this was! I know, if you don't know my precious Becky, none of this may make sense to you, but suffice it to say this is such a blessing. We (especially my family) like having Becky close and GR is closer than anywhere else she has been lately. So, if you are reading this anytime in the near future (before Wednesday at 5PM), PLEASE, PLEASE pray for Becky. Pray that God will guide her and direct her. Pray that she will listen. Oh, we serve an AWESOME God!! Praise you, Lord!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rain and Beer

I love the rain!

It is raining today (a lot). So, we had an open house today. Only one group of people came through. We will see. God is good and has a plan for us. While we were having the open house, we went to a birthday party for our niece. We were eating lunch and Jacob said "my pop sounds like beer". Sounds like beer? What does beer sound like? So I took a listen. While I was *listening*, I happened to SMELL the beer. So, yes, my 6 year old son drank beer today. Thankfully he said "it tasted like poop". As if he really knows what poop tastes like (I hope he doesn't). I hope he remembers this day for a long time and that is works as a deterrent to future beer drinking.

Score an A+ for us in parenting today. Greg is back to work tomorrow, so the beer drinking will have to come to an end.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Daddy's Back

Friday night was *Twister*

This was my PERFECT Saturday morning....I hated to get out to take the picture, but was glad I did!


Then came *Derby Time*!!

The *Pep Talk*

Scoping out the Competition

The *Almost* Winner!

So Sweet....

So Sassy!!!!

So Woooooah!

Now I am just sitting here, next to the love of my life, chilling on the couch. Despite all the *junk* I am so happy. I am so blessed. Thank you, Lord!

Friday, March 6, 2009

First Date Jitters

I have cooked. I have cleaned. I have baked. I have showered, shaved, plucked and trimmed. I have made my bed. I have all my laundry done. It is like I am getting ready for a date!! You know - a real one!! I am excited and nervous - huh? Yeah, weird - I know. I have known him 13 years and been married to him for 10 - but it feels like a first date. I guess this is a way to ward off any affairs. OK - I AM NOT EVEN SUGGESTING THAT THIS IS A POSSIBLITY, BUT I WAS MAKING A POINT!! I am so in love and can't wait for my man to get here. Am I crazy or what? Maybe this is one of those reasons God has us in this situation?!?!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Grandpa came over tonight. For dinner. Then sockey (soccer and hockey). Grandpa, Jacob, Grace and Jadyn all went downstairs to play. Grant and I followed. We have a large area blocked off just for this sport. The funny thing was...Grandpa, Jacob and Grace all had hockey sticks and were whacking away at the tennis ball, all the while Jadyn was pushing her baby stroller through the *court*. As if the rest of them were not even there. So Jadyn. I guess you had to be there and see it.

Oh and FYI....the day got better. Praise the Lord for the answer to prayer!

Day 3 & Day 4

Day 3 was a pretty good one until I talked to Greg. I mean, I love the guy desperately, but what a downer! OK - not really, but kind of. Is any of this making any sense to you? No? Me either. We (mostly he) are trying to just get this all figured out. EVERYTHING is such a drastic change from what we are used to. So, God is certainly teaching us - we just keep asking WHAT?!?

Today, Day 4, is just another day ~ closer to him coming home! Grace was upset this morning. She told me that she "doesn't have any friends". Truly - I find it hard to believe based on who she really is BUT I think back to my years in school and remember that I really didn't have friends myself and that makes me sad. I am trying to talk her through this but for crying out loud - she is only in kindergarten!!! Are the kids this bad this soon? Or is my precious princess too sensitive? I know - spoken like the mother, but what can I say? I AM THE MOTHER!!! So, now is the time. I am soliciting advice....what do I say? What do I do?

I guess, as with EVERYTHING in my life, I need to commit this situation to my Lord. I am getting to the point where I am not going to have time to do anything other than pray all day ~ which is not so bad, except when my kids start to stink and starve.

That's all for now....Jadyn is laying on top of a blanket...which is on top of Grant, so I guess I better go. Until later.....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 2

So today I was nominated (by myself, of course) for *Mom of the Year*. I went to school for Grace's book fair preview as her special friend. I had a few minutes to kill before it started so I figured I would mosey on down and check in on Jacob. I got to his class, looked in and could not see him anywhere. I was almost going to ask the teacher where he was, when it dawned on me ~ Jacob stayed home from school today to work on his Pinewood Derby car with Grandpa! Holy cow! I could have gotten myself in some serious trouble, had I opened my mouth. Obviously I have been a bit preoccupied. I spent a good part of the morning feeling sad for Greg. I am so heart-broken at his lonliness (the real stuff AND the ideas in my head) - you know...the pictures I have running through my head of my man sitting alone in his La-Z-Boy, eating his ramen noodles, looking at his blank TV screen (because he has no cable). While it sounds almost funny, it really truly makes me so very sad. I love him so much and hate that he has to sacrifice so much for us. Don't get me wrong - I am glad that he is willing to do it. I just hate that he has to. I just wish and pray that we can be there soon with him.

Again, I just keep giving this ENTIRE situation to God. Without Him, neither Greg or I could make it (through this or anything for that matter). God is so good and we are trusting in His plan for our family. He knows the plans He has for us, plans to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us a hope and a future. We keep relying on Him and seeing His miracles take place. I am so proud of my husband and his new-found reliance on God. I continue to pray that he will continue to trust the ONLY ONE who can control all situations - his Lord Jesus!!! I am so proud to say that he has taken up reading (which he never really liked to do). He starts his day off reading the Bible and closes his day reading ~ get this ~ For Who the Bell Tolls. I know - I can't hardly believe it myself. I personally would have picked something a little easier.

The kids...
Grant (still getting over being sick, cried - actually screamed - from 12:30 am until 2:04 am last night, will hopefully sleep soundly tonight, is starting to put his arms up when he wants to come - sometimes)
Jadyn (so glad to have her *Grampy* back, talked about him all day, was REALLY crabby at bedtime, her mouth is healing quite well - PTL!!!)
Grace (the one with the heart, was saddened tonight as we prayed (for Dad) - she misses him - although I almost thought for a minute that she was acting that way because she saw me sad, but then never mind....she is just the one who really wants to talk to Greg, asks him EVERY question you could imagine)
Jacob (totally consumed with himself - Pinewood Derby, Pokemon, Wii, Star Wars video game, money - how do I get his mind on someone other than himself? Super sweet when he wants to be - but aren't they all?)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 1

Note to self....Band-aids do NOT belong on the *sucking thumb* of a 9 month old infant.

Grant had a cut on his thumb and thinking I was taking care of it, I applied *triple* and 2 band-aids. While I was helping Jacob wash his hair, I heard Grant choking. I saw something in his mouth and instantly thought it had to be Jadyn that gave him something. I could hardly believe that it was ME that caused the choking. What a Mom I am turning out to be! Fortunately I got it out without incident.

Today was Greg's first day. Not a whole lot to report, kinda chaotic and paper-y. Lots of paperwork and getting to know people and the place. Still working out the kinks of his new *pad* too. He is lonely though, and I miss him. I was getting snappy earlier tonight. I desperately needed to be on my face before my Lord Jesus, asking for His help, because I cannot do this without Him.

Julie gave me this scripture tonight.
"I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?" Jeremiah 32:27
I need to keep this in mind every time I start to feel that I am drowning. NOTHING is too hard for my God - NOTHING!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

And off he goes......

It is time........well the time has come and gone.
And so has Greg :(
He left this morning after church. I think I did pretty good at keeping myself together, that is at least until after he left. Then I let it fly. I did try to keep myself together for the kids, but didn't really succeed. As I was sitting in the chair crying, Grace and Jadyn came and sat in my lap. (Jacob never stopped playing Wii, though - can you feel the love?) So Grace proceeded to tell me that it would be OK. "It's going to be OK Momma. You know, I care. I am like a CareBear - I just care. Please don't cry Momma. This is what I feel like when I go to school and I miss you. I just want to cry but I tell myself 'Don't cry Grace'. So just tell yourself 'Don't cry' - OK Mom?" And on and on and on the conversation went. If you know Grace, you understand. She is such a HUGE blessing to me. I praise God for such a loving, compassionate child. They are obviously all great, but she definitely has such a genuine heart.

God is good and we have committed Greg into His care. We prayed that he would have a safe trip and a good first week at his new job. He is going to do great! I am so proud of him and know he will be the BEST purchasing manager EVER! And in the meantime, I will try not to miss him so much - yeah, right!!!!