Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sick Day

Grant - Electro Frogs - Science Fair

Grant was a member of the LEGO Club at school. He was a part of the 2nd grade team, known as the ELECTRO FROGS. They had to come up with an idea that would help reduce trash - using Legos. The boys in the Electro Frogs said that their idea was Grant's idea. His idea was to build a trash boat. It had a motorized winch that would pull trash out of the ocean and put it into a burner to burn it. There was also a diver on the side of the boat that would dive into the ocean and pick trash up out of the ocean. It was really neat. Included in the pictures are a couple of pics of Grant with his principal.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Girl Power Meet

Another weekend of gymnastics meets. This one was the Girl Power! meet, supporting the fight against breast cancer. Today was another great day for Grace. It's funny how sometimes judges are very generous, and them sometimes they are so totally off. Today was a day of mixed judging - not just Grace, but across the board. That said, she had another super meet. Today's scores were 3rd place on bars (9.350), 4th place on beam (9.350), 5th place on floor (9.125) and 8th place on vault (9.100), for an overall score of 36.925 (4th place overall).

Grant's Last Basketball Game

All American Invitational

Grace ROCKED this meet! And what a great meet to rock - it was the home meet. And the judges WERE NOT generous - at all. She ended up with 1ST PLACE in Bars (9.550) and in Floor (9.450), 4th place in vault (8.600) and 7th place in beam (9.000). She ended up with an overall score of 36.575, which landed in her in 2nd place overall!!! So fabulous!!