Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Another BIG Sports Accomplishment!

Tonight we were informed that Grace made TEAM gymnastics. That means many things......competing in meets (her first one is a state competition), choosing her own music, longer practices, WAY more money, boosters, and most importantly......(at least to her).......a locker!!! Woot! We couldn't be more proud of her! Great job Grace!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Grant's First REAL Book Reading

Grant was so excited yesterday when he came home with his first chapter book to read. He read with Grace last night, but this morning (since we had a "cold day" off from school) I had him sit on my lap and read to me. WOW!!! Was I impressed with how good of a reader he is. I mean, I knew he could read well, but to listen to him read this book was wild. He, apparently, really likes these "Freddy Fernortner, First Grader" books. Well, bring them on! YAY Grant!

Michelle, the Violent

Recently, I was accused of having a "violent altercation" with a student at school. Seriously? When I was told about it, I was really confused because 1) I didn't remember having a "violent altercation" with a student (and that would probably be something I would remember) and 2) when I saw a picture of the student (because his name was one I had never heard before) I still had no idea who he was. Apparently, his mother called the school and demanded to talk to me. Of course, the office handled the parent and the student, but it really rattled me. This kid said I grabbed him and shook him because he didn't have on a coat. Now, let me give some background. I work at the front door of the school in the mornings. And when it is 0 degrees and I see students walk in with just a hoodie on, I will step in front of them and joke around, asking if they realize it is cold out. Ask where their coat is. Absolutely, I do this!! Who in the heck would go out without a coat in freezing weather, and what the heck kind of parent would allow their kid to do this? But I digress...It appears that this student was one of these. But to accuse me of being violent? Really? Mean - YES. Violent - NO WAY! I am that sometimes mean, definitely stern but lots of fun lady. That is what I pride myself on being. I can be silly like them, but I don't take crap. Simple enough. But this messed me up. Why, you ask? Because I am a "hands on" kind of person. So many of these kids need physical touch. Not rough, mean touch. But a high five, a hug, a pat on the back. And I do this. A LOT!!! It is who I am. I am physical. Plain and simple. But this situation made me think. It made me think maybe I was doing something wrong. What I figured out was that I absolutely did nothing wrong and I was NOT going to stop what I was doing. The long and short of this was that, apparently, I stepped in front of this kid in November, he got in some kind of trouble, and pulled out the accusation against me to thwart his own getting in trouble. And THIS is why kids need "hands on" love. All of them. All the time.

Grant's "EXPERT" Writing

This week Grant's first grade class was working on their "expert" writing. They had to write about something they were an expert on. Imagine my surprise when I received the followng text from his teacher:
Just thought you'd like to know that Grant wrote about the kkk today....He said Jacob taught him all about it. He was very proud. I told him to bring it home. We changed his expert topic to building snow forts ;)
Well, isn't that just great. When did either of my sons become and expert on the kkk? After some digging, I found out that during MLK week, Jacob's class was talking about the kkk. That would also explain why he is afraid that the kkk will get him if he sleeps in the basement. Actually, is doesn't really explain it, but I see now why he thinks about the kkk. So, apparently Jacob thought it would be beneficial to share that information with his 6 year old brother. Still not making much sense. So, while the topic is not what I would prefer, I am very proud of Grant's writing. He is knowledgeable (not sure I'm entirely proud of that), and he presents his information well. And.....he also cites his research (Jacob). I am posting the paper below for you to read.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Super Interesting, Very Busy Weekend

This was a very busy weekend. They seem to be getting more busy as the years go by. Friday was Greg's birthday, but that was momentarily put aside so that we could attend the Tim Tebow Foundation's "Night to Shine" prom, held at our church. This was a prom, with all the bells and whistles, for people with special needs. There was a red carpet entrance, flower and tiaras, paparazzi, professional photography, a photo booth, dinner and dancing. It was an amazing night with some very amazing people. While we were there volunteering, Greg called home and the kids did not answer the phone. Repeatedly. We finally decided we had to leave to go check on them. We were minutes from home when they FINALLY answered the phone. Everything was fine - they were just being lazy. UGH. So, Greg and I decided, since we were already dressed up, it WAS his birthday and we hadn't eaten yet, to go out to dinner. So we went out and had a nice dinner at a local mexican restaurant. Saturday was Valentine's Day - a not celebrated holiday here. Anyway, we had 2 basketball games, gymnastics, a baseball game and cousins coming over. Grant's basketball game was as exciting as a 1st/2nd grade basketball game could be. Lots of excitement!! Jacob had a great game, and even had to pull back on his play because his team (bad as they are) was severely beating the other team. Grace got a (surprise!) extra hour of gymnastics, where she got to work out in the weight room, which was, again to her surprise, a lot of fun. And she lifted more weight than she even though possible. Sweet Jadyn hung out at home, avoiding all games at all costs. Silly girl. Then Paige and Reid came over to spend the night. But first we had to go to Jacob's baseball game. He is playing indoor baseball in a dome at Oakland University and had a great night. He pitched very well and had a "ground rule double", which was one hop away from being a home-run. So close! The picture in the van is all the kiddos on the way home from the baseball game. Jacob had to buddies spend the night and Grace had one friend send the night. So, all together, I had 9 kiddos last night. Grant and Reid are reading the Bible in the one picture, getting ready for bed. The others are of all the "puppies", sleeping in their different locations. Breakfast was fruit and cinnamon rolls - which made everyone happy. Then, we headed out to church...all of us. The picture of the boys in church should have had Grace in it too, as she was standing there, but she backed out at the last moment. But ohhh! how I love to see all those boys in church. Especially since a couple of them ask if they can come with us. What a blessing!!! On that topic, one of the boys that spent the night last night is named Nick. The boys were all going to sleep downstairs, because Grant and Reid were in my boys' bunk beds and the girls were in their room, and there is a GREAT bedroom down there. However, my brave Jacob absolutely WILL NOT sleep down there. Every time he has a buddy over, he ends up in his bed, if they don't start in the bedroom to begin with. So, the boys were getting ready to go to bed and I asked if they needed me to tuck them in - joking, of course. Imagine my shock, and tickled heart, when all 3 of them said YES! So down we went to tuck them in. I stayed down there for a little while, talking to them, and Jacob decided that he was going to go up to his bed. I tried to encourage him to stay down there, reminding him that he had his 2 friends to "protect" him. That's when Nick popped in, and shocked me to almost tears. He said, "Yeah, Jacob. And it's like I told you - God is here with you." I almost fell over. I was so happy. There have never been truer words, but also to hear them from the mouth of this young man that we have been taking to church, was one of the most precious gifts!!! All praise and glory to GOD alone!!! Oh, and there is one picture of Grace standing by the snow fort that Jacob and his friends have been working on. To date, it is very large, but they are planning to continue the building phase. We will have to see what they come up with.

Greg's 47th Birthday

Grace's 1/2 Birthday

Grace's friend, Shelby, decorated her locker for her 1/2 birthday since Grace is not in school for her actual birthday. What a great friend!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mother-Son Dance

And again, I wish I could put video in here. This kids has some dance moves like I've never seen in a 6 year old. He was amazing!!! And I absolutely loved spending time with just him. I'm so glad he asked me out.