Thursday, November 15, 2012

Just My Kiddos

Jacob ~ All As on his first report card of 5th grade! First report card to have letter grades too. So proud of him!

Grace ~ Had a "recess detention" today for forgetting her homework. She is always so well behaved and I know she didn't like it but I think she learned a valuable lesson.

Jadyn ~ Is going to be a GREAT teacher. She asked me to ask her teacher at conferences if she could read a book to her class the next day. Her teacher said yes. So Jadyn got all dressed up (in her best "teacher" clothes) yesterday to read to her class. That girl loves to read.

Grant ~ Asked me today, as we were leaving Grandma and Grandpa's house..."When Jesus comes back, will He stop and pick up Grandma and Grandpa?" Wow. Out of nowhere. Love that he thinks about stuff like that.

Sorry....there is a lot to Grant. He does this thing where he runs full speed into my stomach and then calls me his "squeezier". I wonder if he thinks my belly is fat?

And at shower time, I was running down the hall and then stopping real fast so Grant would run into me. One time, he ran into me a little TOO hard. I told him I was sorry and that I didn't mean to hurt him. His response to me as he stepped in the shower? "Saying sorry doesn't make me feel better." Really - where does this kid get this from?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween Camping

We went camping with the Woodbury's and the Kazyak's the weekend before Halloween. It was cold and rainy. All weekend. Greg stayed home, conveniently sick. I took the kids, except Jacob the first night, and we were going to set up the tent. (Background information....Kazyak's have a big trailer and Woodbury's have a pop-up) Because it was SO WET I decided that setting the tent up in the rain, by myself, was not for me. Instead, I blew up the air mattress and we "hill-billy camped". We slept in our van! was an even alright. We were super comfy and warm, really. I was surprised. The good part about it was that I just moved from the back to the front to go home and shower. We were that close to home - and Jacob had a football game I had to go to. Thankfully, the Woodbury's offered to let some of my kids sleep in there camper. Otherwise it would have been awful crowded in the back of that van! I'm sure I never properly thanked them - oh wait! I did go out and get a camper. Isn't that like saying thanks? Here are some pics from the trip:

Halloween 2012

I just realized I forgot to post Halloween pictures. The secret is out. I hate Halloween. But here are the pictures anyway.

A CHRISTmas Present

On October 27, Greg and I took a trip to Freeland, MI to pick up a CHRISTmas present for our kids. Of course we didn't tell them that. Instead, Greg told them we were going to a "Family Development Meeting", and they seemed fine with that. So, we left them with Grandma and Grandpa and off we went. When we arrived home 4 hours later, Grace was the first one to meet us. "So....what did you learn?" Really? She really remembered what we said and questioned us? So Greg was quick with the reply. "We learned things we should be doing to keep our family close, types of things we could do, stuff like that." She was good with that. Whew!!!

So.....what did we get, you ask? A pop-up camper!! **Disclaimer - THIS IS A CHRISTMAS SECRET!!!!**  Please do not talk about it to or around our kids!

We are planning to set it up in the garage for CHRISTmas morning and send the kids out to the garage. Pretty sneaky, huh? Where is it, you ask? We are keeping it at Grandma and Grandpa's house under a big blue tarp. Check out these pictures from today:

Think they knew what they were playing hide-and-seek around? I don't think so either! I sure can't wait until CHRISTmas!!!!