Saturday, August 25, 2012

Football (First Game) 2012

First game was played today, Saturday August 25 at 11am. It was 92 degrees and hot. Thankfully, we had the shade of the press box for most of the game. Hartland JV Black won against the Fowlerville White team, 18-0. It was an awesome game!!! Jacob even jumped on a fumble. BTW - it was someone else's fumble. 

Jacob had a HUGE crowd of fans today. They included Mom, Dad, Grace, Jadyn, Grant, Grandpa, Papa, Mimi, Tom, Alicia, Jeremy, Paige, Reid, Tammy, Ken, Faith, Ava and Colin. 

The Hermit Crab Saga

So, night number one of having the hermit crab was a nightmare. As I was putting Jacob to bed, Grace appeared and said that her stomach hurt. I went and laid with her, and as we talked I found out what was causing the problem. She was so worried that her hermit crab would die. She was MORE than hysterical. I have seen her be very dramatic, but this was far beyond anything she had ever done.

"I know that I have only had him for 5 hours, but I love him so much." Then she started shaking and could not lay in bed. She jumped up and started pacing the hallway. I explained to her that everything that lives, eventually dies, but that she really did not have to worry about this. We were doing what we were supposed to do to take care of him. Plus, I reminded her that worry was a sin. She relaxed enough to tell me that "it's not like he was my sister or anything."

Suffice it to say, we finally calmed her down and she went to bed. Then I went down to check emails, and found a message from a friend that has hermit crabs. The message said that the fastest way for a hermit crab to die was to be alone. Fab-u-lous. Guess where I went the next day? Yep. To the pet store to get a friend for Boss. We now have 2, yes 2, hermit crabs. Boss's new friend is named Spike.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Grace Has a New Pet

It is official! Grace has successfully convinced us to let her have a pet. Today she got a hermit crab, aptly named "Boss". I mean, who doesn't know a Boss that's not a crab, right? Actually she named the crab after her Grandpa because he was the one who gave her the tank. She is tickled out of her head, but in the same breath, she is nervous to leave him alone. She will be a GREAT mother some day!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Yesterday I was talking with my mom about someone she knows whose family is muslim. Grace asked what that meant. Grandma told her that they did not believe in God, but that they believed in allah. And on the conversation went. All of a sudden, Jadyn, who was sitting playing a game on the computer, pops up her head and says, "Why don't they believe in God?" It wasn't so much the question as it was the inflection in her voice that said "it's so obvious, why don't they get it?" It was seeing God from a child's perspective. It was cool to see. She believes that God is, simply because He is.

What's The Deal With Homeschooling?

I have been overwhelmed by the sheer volume of my friends that are, or are planning to become, homeschoolers. Every time I turn a corner someone else is professing the need for homeschooling. This past week, I found myself wondering if I was missing something. Why was everyone else doing this while I wanted to run away screaming at the thought? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love my kids more than anything, but the idea of me "teaching" them (in my opinion - things other than what the mom should teach) is crazy. Clearly, if God was calling me to do this, I would do it and He would equip me. But I really don't think He is. My prayer is that if I am blocking out His will for me (and my kids) that He would clearly remove the block.

So, as I sit and reflect on it more, I know that I am where I am supposed to be. I work at the school that most of my kids attend - at least for now. And I love it! At first I loved it simply because I got to be where my kids were. However, through the course of last year, I saw something more. I got to talk to and influence at lot of sweet young kids. I love to help them solve problems on the playground. I love to include a kid who was otherwise unincluded into a game. I love that the kids recognize me and talk to me. I feel that this is my mission field. Oh - wait - lest you think that I think my own kids are not my mission too - they most definitely are. And it is my job to equip them to live for God in this world and not be of it. I think (at least for me) it is the teacher's job to train their minds in math and writing. Hopefully, you get my drift. I know my kiddos are my responsibility - actually they are God's. But I get a hand in helping and for that I am eternally thankful. I will continue to pray that God equips me and directs me in the path that I am supposed to take in regards to this.

Should He someday require me to homeschool, I will do it wholeheartedly. But until that day, my kids remain in school.

What is interesting to me is that this was my DBV for today.
 Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip, “Go south to the road—the desert road—that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.” So he started out, and on his way he met an Ethiopian eunuch, an important official in charge of all the treasury of the Kandake (which means “queen of the Ethiopians”). This man had gone to Jerusalem to worship, and on his way home was sitting in his chariot reading the Book of Isaiah the prophet. The Spirit told Philip, “Go to that chariot and stay near it.” – Acts 8:26-29 (NIV)

Commentary: Philip was in the middle of a revival when the angel told him to walk down an isolated desert road. In our age of pragmatism, we would question why Philip would leave “where the action is happening” and go to a place that was so remote. But Philip was not motivated by excitement; his greatest value was simple obedience. As a result, this official took the gospel to Ethiopia. So take heart if you feel that you are out of the mainstream of events, for you never know where those desert roads will lead you. What seems foolish to man becomes the magnificent wisdom of God.
Just like God called Philip away from "where the action was happening", maybe that is what is happening for me, based on my situation. It all seems to be happening in the homeschooling world, but I feel God is calling me to school. I love how God's word penetrates all the junk that surrounds me.

Now, in Jesus' Name, I command the devil to leave me alone and not bother me with this anymore. Thank you, LORD!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bike Ride

This morning I took all 4 kids on a bike ride. We took the 5K route that Grace and I ran to practice for GOTR. Jacob, Grace and Jadyn were all on their own bikes and Grant was in the trailer behind me. I loved watching the bigger kids go on ahead, while Jadyn stayed back with me. But what was even better was every time a car came our direction, Jacob or Grace (they took turns) would yell back to us, "Car!" Jacob was yelling at Jadyn every time she would get any nearer to the road than he was comfortable with. I so love these kids. Even though they think their younger siblings are annoying, they still love them and care about them. It was even a GREAT to watch Jacob and Grace getting along together, riding together, working together to make sure their siblings were safe. I love my kids - have I told you that lately? I was also surprised at how great Jadyn did. She had to pedal twice as much as the rest of us. There were tears, but she made it. I don't think she will be too interested in doing it again for awhile.
While waiting for the doctor the other day with my girls, I had the following conversation:

G: Will she look in my underwear?
M: Yes.
G: Will she pull them over or pull them down?
M: Probably pull them down.
G: I don't like that at all.
J: I think it kind of tickles.

What?!?!?!? Who is this kid? Where did she come from? Tickles? You've got to be kidding me. Wait until your real exam, girl. Then talk to me about tickling. Anybody with me?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Bucket Was Filled Today

I received the nicest compliment today. I had taken Colleen, Amanda and Mikey to see my kids' school and when we got there Jacob and Grace's previous teacher, Ms. Safford, was the only one at school. We knocked on her door and she let us in. Then she told me this:

"I was just thinking about you. I was even going to call you. I wanted to let you know that I am sad that I am not going to have one of your kids in my class this year. You have the most well-behaved kids and are one of the best families I have worked with."

What a great feeling that gave me! You know how sometimes as a mom you wonder, "Am I doing anything right?" I know my kids are wonderful (I also know that they argue and complain a lot too), but I often wonder if it is just because I am their mom that I think that. It was nice to hear that people other than me think they are great. I am a very blessed mom. I have awesome kids!!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Grace Turns 9!!!!

Honestly, it was a very uneventful birthday. She got all her presents BEFORE we went on vacation, so she could take them with her. We just got back from vacation last night at 10:30 and I had no preparations ready. I made Greg go to Meijer and pick up a cake (although there was no one there to even write Happy Birthday, much less her name, on the cake). I hung the Happy Birthday sign with her name on it, only to have it karate chopped down by Grant. Thankfully, her friend Emma came over and is spending the night. Otherwise, this would have been a real birthday dud. I will say though, for not actually having a party, she had a lot of visitors. Grandma, Doug, Tom, Stephanie and Emma. Not bad for not planning anything, huh? I love her go with the flow attitude! Especially on days like today.

Boss Family Reunoin 2012

Lots of fun at Mike and Sue's cottage again this year. Everything went real well, except for Nate blowing out his knee during a mad game of Laurel and Hardy volleyball. He had to go to ER and has a hairline fracture in his tibia and his knee was out of place. Needs an MRI. Praying that everything goes well for him. Other than that the day was perfectly beautiful!