Thursday, January 28, 2016

One More Point of Frustration

This was a dousy! Jacob's basketball team voted him to be their selection for the All-Star team. This is the first year that they are having a team like this. Kind of a big deal, right? Well, Greg and Jacob came home from practice to tell me that when Jacob was advised that he was voted to be the All-Star - he declined. WHAT?!?! Fast break into me jumping down his throat about opportunities and sacrifices his dad and I have made to allow him these opportunities. On and on and on I went, secretly hoping that he was going to fess up and tell me that the real reason he gave it up was to allow someone else to have a chance. Then I would at least be less mad. But he never said that. I angrily dismissed him to go shower. After he was done, I demanded him to come back down so I could rake him over the coals some more. As he came in the room and I asked him what he was thinking, I started to see the chin quiver. That's when I knew it was coming. He started to cry and FINALLY told me that he said no because he always gets opportunities (which is totally not the truth, but whatever) and he wanted to give someone else an opportunity. Oh for crying out loud......we could have saved all of us some MAJOR grief if #1 he would have just graciously accepted the nomination, and/or #2 he would have been honest with us from the beginning. More lessons learned.

Teachers That Rock

We have had many great teachers throughout out time at Hartland Consolidated Schools. And, I am proud to be a member of a staff that has some fabulous people on it. Grace had a migraine and had to leave school yesterday. I got this email from her teacher. I am so thankful for him!!


Wanted to check in on her.  I walked with her to the office today and she was hurting.  Breaks my heart to see her like that.  Sending hugs!


Robert Jellison

Jan 5

to me

Public Speaking Comes to an End

I forced Grace to take public speaking this year. She did not want to take it. But here we are at the last day of the semester, and she cried her way out of the class. I guess Mr. Bliznik really made an impression on her. Today she sent me these pictures. A picture of her entire public speaking class (35 strong), a picture of her and Mr. Bliznik, and then Mr. Bliznik (when he took a "selfie" on her phone).  As you can well imagine, that was a BIG DEAL.


I am frustrated. I have been thinking about this post for the last couple of hours, but in the last 15 minutes my frustration has blown through the roof. Let me start with the most recent. I was going through the checkbook (to let Greg know if he should use credit or debit for groceries), and I looked online to see my most recent paycheck. Low and behold, the much anticipated "raise" was there! A NEGATIVE $31.89 per paycheck. I am so lucky! (Yes, there is sarcasm there) That is more than maddening, especially since I am underpaid to begin with. Now that I have said that, let me finish by stating (again) I AM LUCKY! I am lucky to have a job. I am lucky to have a job that allows me to work when my kiddos are in school. I am lucky to have a job that allows me to be home when my kids are home. I am lucky to have a job that allows me to be with my kids in the summer. I am lucky to have a job that I enjoy (most of the time)!! I know that money is not everything, but some of it makes things a little easier. But that kind of stems right in to the original reason for this post. The original frustration, if you will. My husband. No - not like that. He is a great man. He works so hard, day in and day out. I mean, come on.....he is at the grocery store as I type (texting me like every 3 minutes, but at the store nonetheless). He is diplomatic. He is kind, but tough and efficient. He (still can't find the nuts I'm looking for) does whatever he has to to provide for his family. He is a great man. That is why I am so frustrated. I am so tired of him being "over-looked" for positions at his job. And it's not just this job. It is actually every job he has ever had since I have known him. It makes me angry. Not angry that he is not getting a promotion and more money, although I will not lie - that would be nice. I want Greg to be recognized. Recognized for the great man that he is. Recognized for the consistent, hard work he does EVERY DAY! Recognized as the leader he is. Respected, and not taken for granted. I know that God is our ultimate provider. I know with all my heart that He has a perfect plan for Greg and his job. I know that more than once God has saved Greg from himself and from me - as far as what we WANTED. And His plan continues to be perfect. So we wait. And we pray. I pray for Greg. I pray that he will be recognized. That he will be honored. That he will be rewarded. He deserves it. I know more than anyone. But anyone that knows him, knows he deserves better than he has been dealt. But again.......God's way is not our way, His plans are not our plans......THEY ARE BETTER. Thank you Lord that you do not give up on us. Even when we are so in love with ourselves.

Now, on a totally unrelated note, but also something that will (most likely) frustrate me in the near future. I joined a Weight Loss Challenge today. It is called "Fat Wars - The Chunk Returns". I paid to get in, and now I have to work. Tonight is the last night of me being fat. Tomorrow starts a whole new life.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Love my Basketball Boys

Jadyn the Jump Roper

Jadyn recently started a jump rope club with some friends at school. Each day at lunch they can go into the gym and practice for the performance they are going to put on for their class. One of the girls recently started going to a clinic and invited Jadyn to go with her. Jadyn went - and LOVED it! She is now going to the clinic and bringing her own friends. The group grew from 3 kids to 10! She is great too!

Eagles Varsity Basketball

Jacob won the opportunity to sit on the Varsity Basketball bench for the game of his choice. He chose the Howell game because they are our rivals. Coach Blouin was such a great guy to include Jacob in his team for that night.

Slaves Ain't Free in This House!

Recently, Jacob and Grace decided to "NOT" work together. Instead of working nicely together, they decided to have a knock-down, drag-out fight, to the point that Grace called me at work, crying and gasping because Jacob had "tried to kill her by choking her". I sent them both to their room to wait until I got home, where I would yell at them and beat them. I had time to think, and decided that instead of yelling and beating, I would talk and then act. I listened to their complaints without saying anything. Then, I took their phones and declared them my slaves. Then the work started. Jadyn and Grant loved it because they got to sit back and do nothing, while the "slaves" did all the work. At some point, Grace had enough free time to write a note on my white board.

She is learning about slavery at school and seemed it was an appropriate time to "re-teach" me about the abolishment of slavery. I thought it was a very witty attempt to "sass" me. Then later that night, I was having the kids read to me. When I asked Jacob to take his turn, he quickly replied, "Mom, slaves can't read." Smart kid. I love that my kids are so witty. I love that they are quick with a comeback, even if sometimes it is a little too sassy. They are great kids that never stop amazing me.

Dishwasher Breaks

Luckily, I had to kiddos that were eager to wash dishes.

Judge's Cup Gymnastics Meet - Covington, KY

Grace and I traveled to Covington, Kentucky with her friend Kara and her mom. We decided to make this gymnastics meet a sort of "girl's weekend". We stayed in an older hotel, and were thankful we made our reservations when we did, as there was a NFL playoff game the night we arrived between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers. So it was a crazy place. We spent 2 nights, lots of time in the workout room, and lots of money. And had a great time! We ended up on the wrong trolley the first night and were slightly afraid that we were going to be killed, as we sat in a dark parking lot with the driver "calling" to see if he could get permission to take us to our hotel. Thankfully, he did. The girls' team ended up taking 1st place in the meet. Grace struggled through her first 2 events - events that she is normally great at - and then really pulled it together for the last 2! She ended up in 15th place overall, with a 4th place on bars and a 9th place on vault. Really proud of this girl!