Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pulled Down a Big Tree Today

Today, we took down the HUGE pine tree that sat at the corner of my parent's house forever. My dad and I we on a pallet that was on the bobcat. Then I held the 12 foot ladder as he climbed it - to the top - then proceeded to climb up the tree further, in order to hook the strap up as high as he wanted it to be. All the while my mom was the bobcat operator, and my sweet hubby, Greg, was pacing on the ground below, telling me how stupid this was. Constantly reminding me that we had 4 kids. Reaching up to catch me, although I was not falling. (I do so desperately love him!) As my dad was hanging in the tree like a monkey, I was still standing on the pallet, holding the ladder, that was hooked onto a branch stub, with one hand; and holding onto the branch above my head with the other hand. After a few minutes, I realized I was stretching. I noticed it in my should and back on the side that was holding the branch. I looked down and saw that the bobcat was, slooooooowly, dropping. The ladder was now hanging about 5 inches off the pallet, and my dad was ready to come down. We were able to get everything in place and made a safe descent. So, the strap was around the tree. And it was then hooked to a chain. The chain was then hooked to a cable, which was attached to the bucket of the tractor, on which I was sitting. I was plenty far enough away to avoid being hit by the tree, but my children has a serious fear that the cable would snap and fly back and kill me. I think my loving hubby had something to with that nonsense, but I'm not sure. As such, Grant went to the shed and Jacob went to the gym, and they both came back with helmets for me to wear. Which, being the considerate mommy that I am, I wore the helmet with the shield. Grace, who was the photographer through the ordeal, came over to get a "last" selfie with me. Nice. My job was to drive the tractor in reverse, pulling the tree down, as it started to fall. Thus keeping it from falling on the house. When my dad yelled for me to go, I, of course, could not hear because I had the helmet on. I was watching what was happening, so I was prepared, but when you watch the video, it certainly does not seem that way. All in all, the tree came down quite nicely and no one was hurt or maimed in the process. And from the beginning to having the entire mess cleaned up, it only took 3 hours (and we even stopped to eat lunch)!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Gymnast


Baseball Starts for Grant


Grace, Jadyn and I went boxing with a bunches of ladies from our Girls on the Run group this afternoon. For whatever reason, I thought it was "just boxing" - whatever that is. It was "just boxing", and "just boxing" hurts. It was a super intense workout, and I am still hurting. We had a total blast, and both of my girls want to continue. Maybe they will be motivation for me.

Jacob's 13th Brithday Party

Oh man! What a day (Saturday, April 18)! The Lord definitely blessed us with an awesome day! It was sunny and 68-70 degrees. The boys might have told you it was a bit too warm based on the layers of clothes they had to wear to protect themselves from the paintballs, but I say it was perfect, especially when I was laying in the hammock. First, Krystel and Spencer came down to surprise Jacob. Then he had 8 buddies over to Grandpa's house for a paintball war. They took a break to play some basketball and eat lunch, then it was back to the war. Now, they are in my driveway playing more basketball and it is a whole different crew.....well, 4 of them are the same. The other 4 or 5 are new. What a great day!