Monday, February 27, 2017

I love getting texts like this.....

U of M vs Southern Utah Gymnastics Meet

JP as Captain and Starter


Grant's 3rd/4th grade basketball team won the Championship!!! It was a complete and total surprise because from the get go these boys looked and played terribly. Then all of a sudden, they came alive and were an awesome team. Not only did they win the Championship once, THEY WON IT TWICE!!!! Go Lazers!!

Haircuts, Playdates, Mom and Hot Chocolate While Reading

Greg's Birthday

We celebrated Greg's birthday at 9:30pm due to multiple practices and games that day. Thankfully, Grandma, Grandpa and Jackie were able to come over and celebrate too! And, since it was the day before Valentine's Day, they were able to help Grant design and put together his Valentine's box. Why not wait until the day before, right??

Sunday, February 12, 2017

MSU vs U of M Gymnastics Meet

Mother/Son Dance

Grant loves to go - so we go. But this year Jacob's basketball practice coincided with the dance. Practice got out 30 minutes before the dance was over, so I asked Jacob to join me at the dance. Of course, he refused, but not before he took a nice picture with me.