Monday, May 25, 2015

Rattlers Season 2015

Girls on the Run 5K and Gymnastics Meet

Grace and Jadyn had been participating in GOTR for this season and I had been coaching. The day of the big race, just also happened to be the day of Grace's gymnastics meet. So.....since I had to be in Ann Arbor at 9:00 am and Plymouth at 11:00 (and shower sometime in between), I knew it was going to be crazy, and I also knew that there was NO WAY Grace was going to be able to run the race, and still perform in the meet. Therefore, Jacob went in Grace's place.....and ran with Jadyn. It was a beautiful day for running and Jadyn did an awesome job!! She wanted to quit, but with Jacob, Sarah K., and me encouraging her, she finished strong! We raced from there to Mimi and Papa's for my shower, and off to the meet. Grace did an awesome job in her meet and earned 2 blues (the highest) and 2 reds (the 2nd highest).

Memorial Day Weekend in Ludington

This Memorial Day weekend we went to Ludington State Park. It was gorgeous! We had great campsites (near the bathroom and the water), took a trip to the Silver Lake Sand Dunes and went on the Mac Woods Scooter Rides (thank you Grandpa and Grandma), rented a paddleboat to boat to the island, rode bikes all over (but especially to the park store for candy), saw some amazing scenery (thank you Jacob and Spencer), fought off a giant racoon, and had an all around great trip! It was ended too soon by the threat of rain - we packed up a day early and came home - but then we were able to spend an evening getting to know some of our neighbors.....and the kids had a blast. We found 4 baby bunnies, rescued 2 of them from our basement window well, and then had 3 of the 4 of them eaten by the neighbor's dog. Ahhh...the circle of life.But none of this would even be possible without the sacrifices of too many men and women that fought and died for our freedom. So on this Memorial Day my thanks goes to them for their indescribable sacrifice (and their families that really sacrificed). THANK YOU!!!!