Thursday, March 21, 2013

Musical Beds

Grace slept with me because she was sick yesterday. Greg slept in her bed. At midnight Jacob came in. At 2 Greg came in. At 4 Grant came in. At 4:30 I went to Grant's bed. Nothing like a game of musical beds to start the the morning off right. This is what it was like when I got up. What a good girl Jadyn is - sleeping in her own bed.


Read Anything Good Lately?

Here is a sight that warms a momma's heart. Doesn't even matter that he can't read. He was quiet......for more than a few minutes.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Lesson From Grace

Last night while I was at volleyball we had an incident. Greg was in the bathroom, the neighbor girl was over, and Grant decided to get into his underwear and run around. As if this was not bad enough, Jacob - in all his 10 year old wisdom - decided to video tape Grant with his ipod. Grace just sat there and played her ipod. Finally Jadyn decided that maybe she should go tell dad what was going on. Needless to say, the ipods are (once again) gone for some time. Since the kids were in bed when I got home, I talked to them this morning. Leave it to Grace to put some spin on it. She said, "I was laying in bed thinking about this last night. You know, everyone in a family has a part to play. You and dad are supposed to teach us kids, and you taught Jacob. Then Jacob taught me and then I taught Jadyn and Jadyn taught Grant. But you and dad still need to teach Grant what to do. You know, dad walks around in his underwear, so Grant thinks that this is ok. Then when dad was working on the smoke detector, he said 'a-hole', then Grant said it too. See what I mean? Grant just does what he sees you doing." Ummmm......THAT is not what I was doing. Dad maybe but not me. And I don't recall dad walking around in his underwear when we had company over. I called Greg to let him know that is was HIS FAULT that all this took place. And he could not stop laughing. We have the most amazing kids ever. Even if they are naughty sometimes - they are still amazing.

No Romance Tonight

Things were moving in the direction of romance last night when all of a sudden the light and water turned on in the kids' bathroom. Greg said it was just one of them getting a drink, but after more than a few seconds of the water running, I said we had to get up. Both of us ran to the bathroom, where we found Grant. Water running, pants pulled down and standing in a puddle of pee. As if that were not bad enough, we found that when he peed while standing by the sink, most of the pee went into the bottom drawer, where the Qtips and hair brushes are kept. Talk about a romance killer.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Grounded? Not Anymore.

Jacob got SO LUCKY! He was grounded from his ipod for 2 weeks for a stupid homework decision. However, I told him if he got 100% on his math test today, he could have it back. His teacher emailed me that he got a 19/20 (which I know isn't a 100%), so I gave him credit for that and took one week off. He has a basketball tournament this weekend, so he is BEGGING for something to do, "anything" to get it back by tomorrow. So I finally said that if I went to Zangle and he had all As he could have it. I was logging on he was behind me, literally praying that he would have all As. As I was checking there was one A, then 2, then three...until finally......there were ALL As!!!! At first I pounded my fist and said "dang it", then I realized my son had all As and that is something to be proud of. So.....he got the ipod back. And I think he will not make the same mistake again either. Well played Pawlak, well played. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Tonight I went to play bunco. Grace called it bonkers. Greg called it boinko. I don't care what you call it. I won $10 and had fun! Sounds good to me.

Who Wants A Puppy????

Oh for crying out loud, they all do. But who wants to take care of it? "Oh, we will Mom. We promise." Sure. Guess who is taking care of the dog? Uh-huh. And guess who the dog is following around like, well, a puppy? Me. The one who loves him the most, right? Oh, he is sweet, but he is still a dog. You know, poops and licks and all. Last night I told him to get in his crate (which was in the girls' room) and he promptly jumped into bed with Grace. Tonight, after I got home from bunco, he was barking in the crate, so I let him out. After I petted him for a minute, he jumped right up on the couch and laid in the crook of Greg's arm. AND GREG DIDN'T EVEN MAKE HIM GET DOWN!?!?!?!?!? I could hardly believe it. Things are getting crazy around here. Thank Jasmin, for letting us take care of Izzo Dean. The kids all love him.Grant keeps referring to Izzo as "his dog". Whenever anyone says or does anything, Grant reminds them that Izzo is his. This poor dog is going to LOVE going home, just to get relief from the kids. Jacob is the quietest about it, but whenever he sits on the ground Izzo comes and sits by him (probably because he is the quietest). Jacob also lets Izzo lick his ear. Gross. Off to the shower with you. Jadyn wants to be brave and "like" the dog, but she is still scared. She wants to make absolutely sure that the crate is locked at night, because she does not want him jumping on her in the middle of the night. And Grace is the responsible one. She wants to feed him, care for him, and she was the one who picked up his poop today. When she heard I was going out tonight she broke down, crying with concern. She even told me I needed to be home by her bedtime, because Dad just couldn't take care of the dog like I could. True. But Dad was going to have to be good enough.