Thursday, May 30, 2013

Just a Quick Note....

Another baseball game tonight. Another triple for Jacob. And another run scored by our sweet autistic friend on the team. He was so excited tonight! He came us to another mom and me and asked us if we saw it. Oh yes we did, E. We sure did! (PS - Great job, Jacob. You make your mom and dad so proud.)

Oh geez......I forgot I wanted to post this too. I was checking my email this afternoon and I found an email from Greg, written to Jacob today. I will post it below. Brought tears to my eyes.


I just wanted to let you know that I’m so proud of you.  You are a very good Christian boy (turning into young man).  You are so polite and you don’t bring glory to yourself (your humble).  You are an excellent athlete who God has blessed with great hand and eye coordination and it shows in your basketball and baseball skills.  It is a true pleasure to watch you play, I know I and your mom just love to watch you play (and have fun).    Keep up the great work on the field and in school (your grades are great) If you do this the rest will follow in your future. 

Between you and me, we’ve seen all the pitchers pitch and God has blessed you with the maturity of player many years your age.  I loved to watch you smile on the field yesterday when talking to the players after plays, that is what the game is all about.

I love you,


PS (your mom loves you too)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bragging Mother Alert!!!

At Jacob's baseball game tonight, he had 10 strikeouts, a single, a triple and a HR. The best part of it? His huge hits allowed the autistic boy on the team to score his first run! Way to go, Jacob (and Hartland GOLD!) What a GREAT night for baseball. I almost forgot an amazing play at home, when he was the pitcher too!

Grant's Preschool Graduation!

Today Grant graduated from preschool! They had a nice ceremony at the park, where the kiddos all sang the RED, BLUE and YELLOW songs, and finished with YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE. Then they did their graduation people. "Grant wants to be a Lions football player when he grows up because he like to play football." It was all followed up by a potluck. Bring on kindergarten! The pictures include his friend Logan M. (Morrish) and his teachers, Mrs. Pederson (AKA Mrs. Sue) and Mrs. Yoerg.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blessings Abound

In spite of feeling sick and hurting all over, I feel VERY blessed. We had an amazing Memorial Day weekend with some great friends. We camped and have perfect weather. And while I love rain, it did not start raining until we got home and un-packed. Thank you LORD. Grace was not feeling well on the trip and we ended up at the doctor's this morning and she has strep throat. Where is the blessing in that you ask? While we were there I told her doctor that I did not feel well. She ended up swabbing my throat, finding that I also had strep throat and prescribed me meds. Blessed again. Thank you LORD. The final blessing I will tell you about is my husband. He scheduled to take today off of work to extend his vacation. Instead of relaxing and doing nothing, he has been working all morning long. Laundry, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, buying new toothbrushes.......the list goes on and on. For him, I am and always will be thankful. Biggest blessing ever. Thank you LORD.

Camping Memorial Day

We camped over Memorial Day at Walnut Hills Campground in Durand, MI with the Woodburys. The campground was a bit rustic, what with privies and all, but we all had a great time! There was a ton of fishing done. In fact, I believe it was the highlight of the trip for some. Grace ended up catching 20 fish and her friend Mallory caught 24! Great job girls! Greg got to do some fishing too, but he still hasn't learned which way to hold the pole. Good thing I love him so much! Too bad Mr. Woodbury never got to do any fishing - he was the official baiter and fisher taker offer. Our campsite was right on the Shiawassee River and the kids even swam in the river, much to Greg's shagrin. We didn't take bathing suits so all the swimming done was done in shorts and t-shirts. This was ok because it helped us fit in better. OK, now I know that was rude and un-called for, but I am trying to give you a feel for what it was like. We had a fabulous time and this was the inaugural trip for our new camper. It went well! However, the bike in the picture with Mallory on it did not fare so well. It was crushed by the big white truck. The picture with the shovel is when the mothers took "craft time" to a whole new level. The craft on the docket included using peanut butter, and since Mallory can't be around peanut butter we chose to commondeere a shovel and move our fire pit. Great job, moms!

Grant's Preschool Horse-back Riding Field Trip