Friday, August 23, 2013

Martha, Martha, Martha, er.......Michelle, Michelle, Michelle

Wow! I am a Martha. For those of you reading this that have no idea what I am talking about - get your Bible and turn to Luke, chapter 10, verse 38-41. Here we see Martha busy with the details of life (which is important), but she is forgetting to do the very thing she needs most. Listen to Jesus. Sit at His feet. After reading this, I found a write up in my Bible on Martha. Here are some of the things I learned:
1. Controlling, charge taking older sister
2. Wished to please, to serve and to do the right thing
3. Frustrated with others "lack" of participation
4. Awareness of details sometimes kept her from seeing the whole picture
All the while she felt she was doing the "right" thing - serving, preparing, helping - but she was too busy to get what she really needed. She needed Jesus' Presence. She needed to spend time with Him.

Oh. My. Word. I AM MARTHA! I want to do the right thing. I want to serve others. I want others to be comfortable and happy. And, a lot of the time, I do this at the expense of what I really need. But I never feel like I am missing out by serving. In fact, I feel like I am getting back. That said, what I really need is Jesus. I need to sit at His feet and listen. I need to let the busy-ness of life just keep going and I need to spend time with my Savior. Obviously, this does not mean I shirk off all my duties - it means I have to pull my lazy butt out of bed early in the morning to meet with my LORD. I want this so badly. I need this.

I will not stop serving. I can't. But I will seek God's will in what I do.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

You MUST Wear a Helmet

Yesterday, Jadyn was riding her bike when I saw her stop and put her helmet on. Then she came into the house and stood next to me and informed me that she HAS to wear her helmet. Being the super mom that I am, I told her she did not HAVE to. She said she did. When I asked her why, she told me that the words on her bike said she HAS to. OK then, you HAVE to. Go figure that when we were at the doctor today, the doctor asked Jadyn (only) if she wore her helmet when she rode a bike. She looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and said "Sometimes??" Yep, super mom.

Jacob, Jacob, Jacob

While I was at Cedar Point, Jacob fractured his left thumb at football practice. We have had one doctor's appointment after another, only to be followed up by yet another tomorrow. Tomorrow's is a hand specialist. He will make the final determination on whether or not surgery is required. Jacob is hoping to contine playing football. He's a pretty tough kid. As you can see from the picture, getting fractured didn't stop him from helping this man in the Walmart/Lowe's parking lot.

Grace's 10th Birthday

Grace has a friend that is 8 hours older than her. Her name is Mallory. Mallory's mom is my friend. She was also Grace's teacher last year. Cool, huh? So for Grace's 10th birthday, she asked to go to Cedar Point. Since Mallory was also turning 10, she wanted to go too. So we decided to make a girls trip out of it. The plan was to go on either of the girls' birthdays. Mallory's birthday was supposed to be rainy, so we decided to go on Grace's birthday. Well, low and behold, Sunday (Mal's b-day) was beautiful and Monday (Grace's b-day) was rainy. Go figure. So, plan C was to go on Tuesday. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Back up to Monday (Grace's actual birthday). She woke up sad because she didn't get to go to Cedar Point. And since we were planning to go on her actual birthday, Greg made her a cake on Sunday. So - no cake on her actual b-day. No presents either. The trip was the big one, but she also got some "designer" jeans before her birthday. No presents, no cake, no cedar point......big bummer. At 10:37am I received a text from someone telling me that they were having an impromptu party for one of Grace's friends that is moving to China for 3 years. She said come at 11:30. So I got Grace moving and she was excited to go. She stayed there until 3pm, when I picked her and her friend that is moving to China (Hannah) up. After I picked them up, we stopped by Mallory's house and picked her and her brother up and came back to my house, where other friends (specifically Grace's friend Emma) were waiting to have an additional going away party for Hannah. What started off being a bummer birthday, ended up being a really GREAT time.

Then Tuesday came and the trip was on. We had a blast! Between the smashing of the legs (a personal thing) and getting turned around on the way home, I cried the day away. Grace and Mallory had a blast, and so did their moms!!

Laundry?? What Laundry???

While I was folding laundry the other day, Grant was supposed to be in his room putting his laundry away. In the midst of my laundry-folding extravaganza, he came down to me with the knob from his dresser in his hand. I told him to take it back upstairs and I would be there in a few minutes to fix it. A few minutes later, I headed upstairs. As I got to his bedroom, I caught the little stinker stuffing his clean laundry between his headboard and the wall. He noticed me and knew he was caught. He just kept staring at me, almost as if he was staring through me. I went in and started talking to him about how this was being disobedient and dishonest. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...and he was still staring through me. Kind of like he was trying to avoid listening to me and mostly avoid getting the forthcoming spanking. All of a sudden, mid-sentence of my tirade (although it was not yelling at all, as I was trying my hardest not to laugh at the kid) he comes out of his trance, holds his arms up in a questioning manner, and says "Are you going to fix my dresser or what?" I still cannot even type that and not laugh. Was this kid serious? He certainly has a knack for manipulation and attempting to change the subject rather abruptly. While I love him dearly, I am truly afraid he is turning into my father. Heaven help me - PLEASE!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Oscoda 2013

The year of the:
1.  Economy supporting haircut
2.  Hole dug to China
3.  Fight.....oh wait, that happens every year.
4.  Golfing at the Wee Links
5.  No moon. 
6.  Paper lanterns and fireworks.
7.  Fresca!!