Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Love My Family

I have the BEST family EVER! Yeah, we are totally messed up some times. We definitely fight and argue and are overly competitive. But the truth is, when the rubber meets the road, we have each others back. This weekend was a birthday celebration for Seth and Sawyer, but it was a blast for us all! One thing is certain - my family knows how to have fun. We had water wars on the golf carts. The first water war had Jacob driving the white golf cart, Grant in the front seat, and Seth strapped to the back with a HUGE water gun. On the limo were Grandpa as the driver, Jadyn and myself in the middle and Krystel and Kristie on the back. We had 5 gallon buckets full of water and smaller buckets to douse them with. Later, we had Greg on with us too! We had water balloon fights. We had a campfire. We played golf. And it wasn't just the kids. The adults were in on the action too. This was a great weekend and one, I'm sure, the kids will remember forever.