Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Greatest Idea So Far

Greg and I are so very tired of constantly nagging our children about taking care of their things and being responsible (aren't most parents?). So, while Greg was getting ready to ream them a new butt, I jumped in with this new idea. I told my children that since they have not proven they can be responsible and good stewards of all Dad has worked so hard to provide (through God's providence), they are being stripped of most of their possessions. Once I thought I had "nothing" to take away from my children as punishment, now I realize how wrong I was. I will NEVER, EVER take my love away from them. It is BECAUSE I love them so much that we are now travelling down this road. So, this is how it works. They are allowed to have 1 (one) outfit, which includes underthings, socks, shoes, pants and shirt, and any necessary outside gear. They are allowed one (1) pair of pajamas. And they are allowed one (1) toy. IF, and this is a very big if at this moment, they can prove to be responsible with this "one set", then more may be added. The thing far (and it has only been a couple of hours) it is working. They are very bothered by this situation. I find is funny to see what they have chosen as their toys.

Jacob - binder of football cards
Grace - toy laptop computer
Jadyn - coloring book and markers
Grant - truck........nerf gun.......

I don't think Grant is getting the concept. However, he is playing with JUST one thing at a time. So, hopefully this will lead to putting one toy away when he is finished with it. Grace is most disturbed by the whole clothes thing. She does not want to be the "stinky girl in class". Geez.....I don't want her to be that either. I sure hope she takes care of her clothes, instead of shoving them into the back of the closet.

Anyway, we will see how tomorrow goes. Thankfully for them, they have one more day before back to school. One more day to be responsible.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Grant's First Preschool Field Trip

Today we went to Kensington, to the Nature Center, with Grant's preschool class. We learned quite a bit about animals (OK...this was my 4th trip, so I was an expert), but Grant was not into embarrassing himself by doing silly songs and dances. And he was NOT going to touch any animal. However, he did pet the box turtle and the garter snake. And, miracle of all miracles, he even held out his hand with bird seed on it to feed the chickadees. One landed on his hand and he freaked out and it flew away before getting its treat. I loved doing this. There was a man there that had LOTS of seed and was explaining it all to us. He even took some pictures that I hope he sends me. is what I took.

These are the pictures the gentleman at the park took of me feeding the birds.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Whose Birthday Was It?

No, really. Whose birthday do you think it was?'s a hint. He is NOT 4.

Happy Belated Birthday, Tom!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our Visit to See Sawyer Matthew and Krystel

 Talk about a room with a view. Kinda makes a girl want to STAY at the hospital. Oh wait.....she did.

Spencer feeding his baby brother for the FIRST time. Yeah, he loved it, but I think Grace loved it more. See below.

 Oh, I just love that baby!!!

Grant wants a baby brother so badly. Too bad that is NEVER going to happen.