Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Camping

Pool and Porch Pics - 2013

Jadyn's Trip to the American Girl Store - Chicago

Man! I love this girl! For her 7th birthday, I took her to the American Girl Doll store in Chicago. We took the Megabus from Ann Arbor to Chicago. It was a long trip and the way back was way better than the way there, but we had a great (and whirlwind fast) trip! We got there, walked around downtown, shopped, looked at the dolls, ate lunch, took a cab back to Union Station and then came home. It was super fast, but we had a blast! Spending time with this angel face is ALWAYS a blast! Happy 7th Birthday Sweet Girl! I love you!!!

Jacob - Warrior or Bubble Boy?

In one week, Jacob fractured his thumb and burned his arm. The thumb fracture was from football practice and the burn was from making a giant cookie (to eat before practice).  Then, just this week, he smacked his head at football and was under watch of concussion. Thankfully, he does not have one and is fine. Praise the LORD! But, geesh boy, give a momma a break! And I DO NOT mean that kind!