Sunday, April 9, 2017

All American Invitational

Grace had her "home" gymnastics meet today. She started herself out in a mental hole, but really managed to bring herself around. She earned a 3rd place on bars, a 4th place on beam, vault and all around, and a team 1st place. So proud of her hard work!

On To Basketball

Immediately after the hockey, we had to rush over to Grant's basketball tournament. And I said I would NEVER allow my kids to "double sport". Never say never. Now I am eating those words. Especially because I have TWO kids that are double sporting (Grace is doing gymnastics and track). Whoops. Then I had to rush out from basketball to make it to Jacob's baseball game....where I only took video. Dang it. It was only a scrimmage but he ended up with a homerun from a walk, had a huge hit to center field and pitched very well.

Grant Starts Hockey

Grant has really wanted to play hockey for a while. I have been trying to delay the inevitable, but I finally caved and let him try a "clinic" type thing (with borrowed equipment). I was honestly hoping he would get checked or hurt, so that he would hate it. But right out of the gate, they were have the kids skate and then superman slide.....yeah, that's going to make him hate it, right? NOT. So he loves it, and I think we are in trouble. Hockey is such an expensive sport. UGH. But he sure is cute.

Jadyn has a sleepover

Jadyn had a handful of friends come over Friday after school. Then ended up spending the night. They always do. And I love it!! She had Charlotte, Sam and Peyton. On the of them had a mini crush on Jacob. They all had fun and that's what matters.