Thursday, July 30, 2009

Road Trip

So we have been away from home a bit lately. We travelled to Charlevoix last week for the Venetian Festival and to see my sister's new home. It is beautiful! Grace was in the Venetian parade (my pics will post when I get home) with her cousin Madison. Jacob (in true Jacob form) made a visit to the ER. He fell off the moving merry-go-round and ended up with a "larger than a golf ball" size bump on the back of his head. So better safe than sorry we journeyed to the ER. Praise the Lord - he was fine! While we were registering him the lady asked if I worked outside of the home. I said no. And Jacob piped up with "You do sometimes Mom." When I asked when, he responded with "when you water the grass outside" OK - so I guess I do work outside the home, sometimes. I ran into someone I used to work out with when Greg and I were first married at the Walgreen's in Charlevoix getting Jacob's Tylenol. And all this was after running into Greg's cousin at the beach the day prior. We went downtown for the fireworks on Friday night and it ONLY rained during the fireworks. Can you believe it? The rain started with the fireworks and ended with the finale. On a whim, we (OK - I) decided to detour to Illinois to surprise Greg instead of heading home. And surprise him we did. I called the receptionist where he works and asked her to tell Greg that someone called and said they hit his car. He came storming out to find Jacob (and then the girls, then Grant and I) running across the parking lot at him. For a few seconds he was so stunned he had no real clue what was going on. He finally got it but was still visibly shaken for another hour or so. We sure pulled that one off! We came to celebrate Jadyn's birthday with him. He was sad to have missed Jacob and Grant's birthdays so I figured we might as well come to him. Today was filled with a trip to Tipton Park for climbing and the spray park, a much needed nap, then an "exercise" walk around Tipton Lake - the path has little exercise stations around it. That was full of complaining. Surprisingly it was the kids and not me. Then tonight we went to the McLean County Fair. Very 4H. But fun. All 6 of us got in for $3.66. Technically we could have gotten in for $0.45 but we figured that was too cheap. It was "school supply" night and in lieu of admission you could bring in 3 items from the school supply list. 3 spiral notebooks at 5 cents each times the 3 of us who actually would cost admission equals $0.45. But I bought 20 notebooks, 8 bottles of glue and 8 boxes of crayons, hence the $3.66 We saw a magic show, had a massage, drove a combine, stood in line (unsuccessfully) for face painting and caricatures, got some goofy balloon animals, then went outside and had the coolest balloon hats made for us (again I will post pics later). We saw a bit of a tractor pull, saw and or touched bunnies and rabbits, chicks (even watched some hatch - cool), horses (who were very scared of my hat), cows, goats, sheep and pigs. We ALMOST stood in line for a ride that Jacob wanted to go on but then thought we would be TERRIBLE parents if we let our child go on the crazy thing. Besides neither of us wanted to go on it with him. All in all, a very busy and full and fun day for $3.66. Tomorrow our trip ends - well at least we head home. For a few short days...then off to Oscoda. Who says we aren't having a summer vacation? Check my savings account - we MUST be having something.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Saturday we went to Costco. While we were there, they were demo-ing Dippin Dots ice cream (except it was not Dippin Dots brand - it was Kemps). The sign on the demo stand said Dippin Dots for $7.69. But the lady was giving out Kemps, which were for sale for $8.99. I asked her if the brand she was giving away was for $7.69 and she said yes. I asked her this twice. So we decided to get some. As we got in line to pay, I knew we were going to have an issue - I just knew it. So the cashier rang up the Kemps (dotted ice cream) and low and behold it rang up for $8.99. AS IF. So I explained the dilema to the cashier, who then called a person to go back and check it out. So we waited for what seemed like 15 minutes but was more in the neighborhood of 4-5 (which when you are standing in line just waiting - seems like forever). So the girl who went back to check had still not gotten back, so Greg decided to go back and help. In the meantime, the "rocket scientist" that was sent back to check came back and informed us all that the Dippin Dots were $7.69 and the Kemps brand were $8.99. Oh my gosh - really?!?!?!? I am almost certain that this is what I just told the cashier. Rocket-girl left out that the sign did not match what was being demo-ed. HENCE - THE PROBLEM. Then Greg came back with the sign (which he had to fight with the lady at the stand to get) and threw it on the counter and said "There. Now you can give it to me for free!" Which of course, they completely ignored. So they finally changed the price to what was advertised. However the EXTREMELY RUDE lady behind us managed to pipe up with "all that for a dollar?" I immediately turned around and said to her face "It is MY dollar." She then said "I would have given you a dollar to speed this up." Then I just wanted to punch her in her sweet little face, but God being the One Who Is ALWAYS In Control - made me keep my mouth shut. And of course, I thought of a bunch of wonderful comebacks once I was in the car. Better that I didn't say anything and set a bad example for my kids. I let that precious lady behind me do that. So much for family friendly shopping.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Boo-Boo

I had to take "Boo-Boo" to the doctor today. She is still having trouble with her ear - it looks like it is going to fall off. And is rotten and junky. So the doctor said it is a strain of strep, just like Jacob had on his butt and Grace had in her throat. How are we getting strep in such weird places? I might not want to know the answer to that question. So as we were leaving the doctor, Boo-Boo walked straight into the metal door frame and ended up with a nice welt on the side of her face. Oh glory! Then as we were driving home she told me she was thirsty for pop (which I had). I told her she could not have it and she said to me in her cute little 2 (almost 3) year old voice, "Please, Mom? I will be your best friend?" It almost made me want to give her my pop, but it certainly made me laugh! She is so darn cute!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mainly .......updates

My, my,'s been awhile. And a ton of stuff has happened, but I can't remember a thing. However, the most recent thing is that Jacob is going through "Spencer withdrawal". He has been struggling with his cousin moving up north. Tonight he was upset because his grandma was going up north and now he "was going to have no one fun to play with". Oh, how my feelings were hurt, but I did not let it show. I did say to him "I hope your kids love me as much as you love your grandma." I think he thought I was nuts - what with talking about HIS kids. So, tomorrow his friend, Cole, is coming over to play. Hopefully he will forget about his sorrows. It is hard to see him so upset.

And....we are waiting get back together as a family. God is working His plan and we are hopeful to be reunited soon. Besides which, Greg is tired of being a "bachelor" and I have had it with being a "single mom" we know we are being pushed back together. Doesn't this paragraph make you think we are separated? Well, technically, we are, but not in the sense that this makes it sound. Our marriage is doing quite well, even getting stronger, I would have to say. Although I just informed Jacob tonight that his dad will start setting a better example for him on how to act on a date...namely opening ALL doors for the lady and treating her like the special flower that she is.

Child #3 has recently had a name change. We no longer call her Jadyn - she is now known as "Boo-Boo". I'm sure you are not asking why? Are you? Boo-Boo is ALWAYS falling and getting hurt. She is never seen without a scratch or scrape or cut of some kind. Just yesterday, she was trying to tell me that she wanted to play with her neighbor friend and as she turned to look out the sliding door, she must have forgotten that the door was open and she fell out the door and landed on the concrete steps. Needless to say - there is significant "scrapage" - her chin, her wrist, her elbow, of course her legs. I think she likes her new name - it certainly fits.

Grant is crawling like a champ (and is in to everything). He is especially fond of the pantry, the tupperware cupboard and the cup drawer - not to mention ANY door stop. Oh yes - he also can't keep his 1 year old hands off the box of Wii gadgets and games. But the good thing is that he does listen well. If I tell him "no", he usually listens. He may look at the forbidden object of his desire, then look to me, then back at the object and decide he probably shouldn't cross momma. He's smart that way.

And Grace.....still sweet as ever. Always helping and considerate of her brothers and sister. She loves to visit her neighbor friend and "swap" clothes. There is never a time that she goes to her friend's house that she does not leave in clothes that are not her own. I guess that is one of the perks of having a friend, that is your neighbor and is your same size. It doubles your wardrobe! Man, she is smart, too! Her 6th birthday is right around the corner and the ONLY thing she wants is an American Girl doll, and one that looks just like her no less. I guess it is a good thing that her dad just ordered one for her, right dad? Boo-Boo's birthday is 2 weeks before Grace's and when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she responded with "cake, I just want cake". That's not helpful. I like it when they tell me EXACTLY what they want - then I do not have to think and I know they are happy. Man, that sounded terrible. Unfortunately, it is the truth. I am not that parent that is way into birthdays. Don't get me wrong I like to celebrate but I am not one for going overboard.

Enough of my's past time for bed.