Monday, May 21, 2012

Grant and Daddy - Mowing the Grass

Grace's 3rd Grade Wax Museum Project

Grace had to do a state research project, which culminated in her (and her classmates) presenting to the parents and the rest of the school. Only Ms. Safford's class does this. Jacob had Ms. Safford last year, so we knew what was coming. The interesting thing about that was that the kids draw, over their heads and backwards, from a hat the state they get. When Grace drew her state, she got Arizona - which just so happened to be the state that Jacob had last year. While 2 weeks prior to this that might have been a good thing, at this point it kind of stunk. Why, you ask? Because 2 weeks prior to the drawing I finally decided we had had Jacob's box long enough and threw it away. Who knew we would NEED it 2 weeks later? Good grief. So we asked for another state - so we could learn something new (and not be bored). This project is definitely a hated one - that is, until presentation day. Then it is the most amazing thing to watch. All these kids (and parents) so proud of all their hard work, and the kids presenting the information they worked so hard to gather. Great job, Ms. Safford's 3rd graders!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Girls on the Run 5K - EMU

Today Grace and I ran our first 5K! It was the Girls on the Run 5K at EMU. We ran with our friends, Stephanie and Emma. It was 87 degrees, super hot and super fun!!! We finished in 40 minutes and 27 seconds, which to me, seems GREAT! I am so proud of all 4 of us. We had so much mother-daughter fun.....and are looking forward to doing it with Jadyn and Jessica!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baseball Superstar!

Jacob played baseball last night. He pitched the first 4 innings and had a bunch of strikeouts. His batting included a triple, a homerun and a double!!!! I sure wish I had been there instead of at a 5th grade orientation meeting - snoozer. The excitement at the game was at a fever pitch. Jacob even ran over to me when I did get there, to tell me about his homerun!! Dang, that boy must take after his momma!!! OK, I am only kidding. But, GREAT JOB Jacob!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Do Not Forget the LORD

Reading in Deuteronomy 8 - this chapter has a heading of "Do Not Forget the LORD" - as I read through this chapter, I think about my life. I think about the "desert" that God brought us through. In my mind, that includes Illinois and back, the Lear saga, unemployment, renting, etc. I look now and am thankful for the "wilderness", but even more thankful to be on this side of it. I see the "land flowing with milk and honey" all around me and I am reminded to not forget the LORD. Part of me thinks - how could I? After all He has done? Then the other side says, when things get going good (just not bumpy) we have a tendency to think that we can handle things now and move away from God. THAT is the LAST thing I want to do!!! For reasons I will never understand, He loves me. This does not mean I get what I want from Him; in the same way that I love my children, but they also do not get whatever they want whenever they want it. But I do love to give them things they enjoy and see their happiness - just the same way that God does with me. Therefore, as I sit in my new home and ponder God's unbelievable goodness to me, I can't help but dedicate this place to Him. I am His, and all I have is His. That includes this new place - a place that I want to be an expression of God's love. I want to use my home for Him. I want all that enter here to feel His Presence and His love. Thank you LORD for your countless blessings. Most of all...thank You for loving me, thank You for sending your Son to take my place on the Cross, thank You that I am Yours!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Just Another Day

So we are in. Not totally, but 98%. There are still a few things that need to come down, and I have to have a garage sale this weekend, but other than that - we are close. What a blessing this home is!!! Today I was moving a trailer back to my parents' house. I had to fight to get it on the hitch in my driveway and then my poor van struggled to pull the trailer. Once I finally got it to their house, I tried to back it into the barn and the fit was too tight for me to maneuver. So I took it off the hitch (another fight) and decided to push it into the barn. Well, the wheel that the tongue sits on didn't turn, so that made maneuvering the trailed almost impossible. I forced myself to push though. When I got the wheels to the edge of the barn I realized that the 2 inch lip at the door was making it impossible for me to push the trailer, laden with old carpet and pad and steel shelving. Jadyn jumped out of the van and told me she would help. Great. What help was my sweet 5 year old going to be? I was more concerned that the trailer would roll forward onto her. Meanwhile, Grant was in the car, screaming about a bee that was on the OUTSIDE of the van. I was quickly getting frustrated, because in addition to this being a huge annoyance, I still had to get home and start dinner before picking Grace up from GOTR. So, I did what I guess I should have done in the first place. I cried out to God. I told Him that I needed to get this trailer in the barn and I could not do it myself. I needed extra strength - even if it was only for a few seconds. Then I pushed. Guess what? The trailer went up over the lip - on one side, which made it easier for me to get in the rest of the way. Oh - did I also tell you that I only had flip-flops on? And at this point in the procedure, I had taken them off and was pushing barefoot, so as to not ruin my new flip-flops. PRAISE GOD - because that strength was NOT my own. I knew I couldn't do it. I had spent the last few minutes trying feverishly. That strength came from the LORD. Where all my strength comes from. Praise His Holy Name!!! Fast forward to my softball game tonight. First time playing with this bunch of girls - and I was kind of nervous. The game was a very competitive one (which I like). I ended up going 5 for 5, with 4 singles and one double (remember my prayer for strength? I think it carried over.). My double put me on base to be the winning run scored! It was exciting for sure. I completely lost track of time because the game got over at 8:30, however, I was supposed to be at Jacob's friend's house to pick Jacob up at 7:45. Oh nuts. Driving through downtown Brighton I ended up getting a ticket. A really terrible ending to an otherwise great night. Bummer. Pride cometh before the fall, Michelle. Watch the pride.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Night Before My 37th Birthday

Apparently it has been a while. Today is the day before my 37th birthday. It was a lovely day. I had cake and presents from my friends at school. I was serenaded by the entire kindergarten class at lunch - and they even had a cake for me too! I worked forever at school, then rushed home to lay on the couch, as I was so tired from the busy-ness of the week. It was Teacher (Staff) Appreciation Week at school and that meant there was a lot to do. That also meant that for all there was to do, I also got to reap the benefits because I am staff. Ha! I love that!! Anyway, cereal and toast for dinner then off to Jacob's baseball game, where they creamed the Astros 13-1. Out to Dairy Queen to celebrate (I am now officially sick), then everyone home to shower. Kids are all snuggled in bed and Greg is over cleaning the new bathrooms - all 4 of them!!! I am thinking about working - but dreaming about going to bed. I never even mentioned that part of the busy-ness of the last 2 weeks was that we purchased a house. 5 houses down from where we currently are. Sure makes cleaning and moving easy. Between closing, the painter, the new carpet and the carpet my mom and aunt shopping as if there was no budget....things have been seriously busy. Add on top of that all the end-of-the-year school stuff, baseball 3 nights a week and softball (Greg and I) the other 2 nights....things are out of control. But in a good way, I think. Tomorrow is my birthday (as I think I may have mentioned before). This morning Grace had a sad look on her face as she came up and told me she did not have anything planned for my birthday yet. Then she asked if I could order a sub and if she could call Mrs. Nadeau and ask her to make a cake. I said that maybe she should talk to her dad first. Suffice it to say, dad has a plan and Grace decided that she would take her gift card and buy me something with it. I told her I would be most happy if she bought something for herself, but she insisted that she buy me something. This is a hard thing....I do not want to take her money, but I do not want to discourage her generosity. So, Greg took her shopping tonight and she was VERY excited. She is so sweet. Jadyn wrote me a love note and gave it to me today. And Jacob told me his gift to me was that I could use his iPod Touch whenever I wanted. Now, that is bigtime. Have I told you yet how blessed I am? If not, let me say it again......I am very blessed. Thank you LORD! I am all over the place here. So I am going to be done for now. Have a good night. I love you!!!!