Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cedar Point with Jacob

Yesterday I went to Cedar Point with Jacob. And the two of us tagged along with my cousins, Allison and Jasmin. What an incredible day we had! It was beautiful weather (about 72 degrees and sunny - but not hot - with a nice breeze off the lake). Both Jacob and I really enjoyed spending special time with Allison and Jasmin. Jacob told me that he was "braver" when they were around - they made it easier for him to go on the  rides.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jacob's 4th Grade Mackinac Trip

Princess Mom

Today was a busy day. Church followed by a Harding family reunion. Not as many people came as we had wanted to, but we had fun!!! Lots of laughing all around. Later, we were eating dinner and the kids were being excessively loud. I yelled, "No more talking - unless you have something important to say!" A few seconds passed before the first words were uttered. It was Grant. He said, "I have something important to say. (pause) Mom, why do you look like a princess?" I tried desperately not to laugh, but when the kid says something so true, what can a mom do??

Wedding Night

Last night my cousin, Stacey, got married. She had a very nice wedding at Meadowbrook Hall. These are just some pics of Greg and me.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grant's Haricut

I went to cut Grant's hair and while I was cutting he said he wanted a mohawk. So, for fun, I gave him one. Then we fixed it up and had him come down and show the kids. This is what he looked like. You needed these pictures, because if you really know me, you would know that there was ABSOLUTELY NO WAY I would leave his hair like that. Certainly not while he is still old enough for mom to decide on his hair. But it was fun for the 5 minutes that it lasted.

Grant's Birthday with the Pawlak's

All-Star Baseball Tournament

Jacob was selected to play on the All-Star team for his baseball league. What an incredible honor! Saturday and today were the games and they only lost once. Their loss was to a travel TEAM. Interesting how they made it into our All-Star tournament. They were the only team with coordinated uniforms and specific positions. Doesn't sound like they should have been there, does it? Here are some pics from the event. So, in addition to watching my son play ball, I was able to spend some time with my in-laws. During one of the games, I was sitting next to Greg's mom, and she had her feet up on the chair in front of her. The lady next to us asked me a question, and this was the ensuing conversation:
Lady: Do you want the other chair so you can put your feet up like your mom?
Me: No thanks. I am alright. (not wanting to point out that she was not my mom)
Greg's mom: We're not related. She'd just my daughter-in-law.
Me: (stunned) But I am her favorite daughter-in-law.
Greg's mom: She's my only daughter-in-law.
Lady: So, she IS your favorite daughter-in-law!!
Greg's mom: mouth shut - couldn't day anything.
Interesting to know that I'm not related to my mother-in-law. Then why is she called my mother-in-law? Weird. So that was Saturday, when it was hot, sticky, a little windy - just enough wind to blow up the dust from the very dry field - and make us very dirty. Today, Sunday, it was beautiful for the first game (which my whole family [in-laws excluded] attended), then it poured and poured for the second game. It rained the entire time and stopped as soon as the game was over.

Sunday, June 10, 2012