Wednesday, September 24, 2014

50th Anniversary

Mimi and Papa celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in August 22. We celebrated by going to dinner at a local restaurant. Then we finished it up with a cousin sleepover. Alas, poor Reid....he was too little for the party. Next time, little buddy, next time.

It Has Been A While

It has really been TOO long. School has started. I have a new job. Things are uber busy. My new job is in the media center at Jacob and Grace's schools - yes, 2 of them - I go between 2 schools, which makes it kind of crazy, but not as crazy as the librarian that has to go to 4 schools! I hate Common Core Math - which is just assuming that my kids are dumb. I have found a book in one of the libraries that is EXTREMELY inappropriate for children of any age, and in no way, should it be in a school. So I have started a "poop storm", within 3 weeks of my new job. Good going, Michelle. Now, after a few weeks of school, I am ready to cause more stir because I can't stand the garbage they are passing along as math to my children. My friend, Marianne, who is a friend from school, comes over in the mornings on the days I have to work early, to take care of my kiddos. I love that she can, and wants to, so this! It makes my job a whole lot easier, because I know my kids are taken care of. Jacob is winding down with baseball and winding up with basketball. Grace is going strong in gymnastics and is getting ready for her first "meet". Jadyn starts volleyball tomorrow, which I am helping to coach. And wasting away waiting for his basketball to start - which should be soon. We are spending very little time at our Life Group, which I don't like, but my kids are sucking all our time. On Life Group days, Greg takes Jacob to baseball, and I take the others to drop Grace to gymnastics. Then the littles and I head to Life Group for 45 minutes or so, before we have to be back to pick Grace up. I haven't seen my parents in a long time, so I stopped over today. My dad was so excited to see me, I felt bad for it being so long since we have been there. We still have all the pool putting away to do still. Ahhhh, the time. Where is it going?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

2014-2015 THUNDER Pool Party

We had a PERFECT day for our Hartland Thunder baseball team pool party. This is when we get the whole team, along with families, together to hang out and get to know each other before the season starts. As we watched the weather for this day, it started out at 69 degrees and rainy. Then increased to 71 degrees and partly cloudy. But today was a PERFECT 77 degrees and full sun kinda day! We were blessed from heaven on high with this one.  Thank you LORD!

 I had to put this picture in because it is EXCELLENT blackmail material. They almost all look pitiful. Good thing Green, Robson and Seguin know how to smile.  Technically, I got them at a bad moment, but this is terrible.