Thursday, July 30, 2015


According to, the definition of injustice is unfair treatment : a situation in which the rights of a person or a group of people are ignored. I was spending time with the Lord this morning and I was thinking about Jacob's sporting experiences. Then I was reading in Micah, chapter 2, and it states: "Woe to those who plan iniquity.....", but it also states that they plot evil, covet and take things that don;t belong to them and defraud people of what is rightfully theirs. Now, before I continue on, I need to put in a disclaimer. I am not without my own sin. I am aware that I am in desperate need of the saving grace that comes from Jesus' sacrifice alone. But dang, I can't stand what mean people can and will do. I know I am sometimes rude, sassy, stubborn and arrogant. But I honestly believe that I am not mean. Mean stinks. I think you can have an opinion and not be mean. I think you can not like someone and still not be mean. I think you can be right and not be mean. I also think you can be wrong and not be mean. But in order to not be mean, you have to have some level of compassion for someone other than yourself. Sadly, I see so many people that ONLY care about themselves (or their families). I think caring for your families is a great thing, but not at the expense of others. I don't think we should really do anything at the expense of others. But maybe I am digressing a little.......back to Jacob. He is a great athlete. He is a great team player. He is an encourager. He is extremely competitive. And he loves to play. That is why it is so hard for this momma to watch other people be so mean to him. I hate watching his "friends" treat him the way they do. I hate that his "friends" parents act the same way. I hate that "coaches" he has had have overlooked him because they don't like Greg and I or are threatened that Jacob might be better than their own son. As I was thinking about this injustice that keeps happening to my son, the Lord reminded me that He too watched His Son experience injustice. And He had the power to stop it. But didn't because His love for others (me, you, the "friends", the "coaches") was so great and He knew that we needed Jesus' sacrifice. Without that sacrifice, we would NEVER be able to be with Him.  I get this. Over and over, I get this. What I am struggling with is why Jacob has to experience his injustice. What is it? What am I doing wrong? Or is this part of God's plan? Part of His plan to make Jacob into an even greater man? I am more than proud of who Jacob is becoming. He is still a kid, but I see his character developing and am proud that he is different. He is not going to follow the crowd. I'm sure he will make his share of mistakes, but he seems to not want to be like the others. He told me the other day that he just "wants to play". What is wrong with that? Can't my kid just be a kid? Why does he have to be treated so unfairly? That's it for now......I'll keep you posted. But while I wait, I will continue to rust God's perfect plan for Jacob (and all my kiddos). Sometimes this hurts so much, but I am reassured that I am in good company. The Lord is walking with me. He has walked in my shoes.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jadyn Turns 9

Today my sweet Jadyn turned 9! The crazy thing is......I vividly remember turning 9. My mom planned a surprise birthday party for me - she pulled ALL the girls in my 4th grade class out of school early as part of the surprise. The part she didn't know was how much that scarred me. OK, it really didn't but I do remember how I felt. I was so bummed that on my birthday, when the office called down for a "certain number" of girls, my teacher (of whom I was a teacher's pet) sent ALL the girls in my class - except me. On. My. Birthday. Ugh. We did nothing that painful today. We went to the pool for the day. Jadyn wanted Mexican white trash for lunch. Then we went to the outlet mall looking for basketball shoes, and ended up with new tennis shoes for the birthday girl. They we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner (Jadyn's choice - ick). Presents, cake and ice cream......then lots and lots of snuggles! I love this girl!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Building the Body

Jacob has started working out - not seriously, but seriously for him. A few minutes ago as he was working through his routine, Greg walked by and just stared at him. When Jacob saw him watching, he said, "You're just jealous, right Dad? You want to be able to do this." It wasn't meant in a disrespectful manner and was met with Greg's chuckle. I love boys!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Softball Team Pool Party

This was the 1st Annual CBC Orange Pool Party. This traditional WILL continue. We had a great time relaxing, eating, playing water volleyball, going on the gyro (some of them, which does not include me) and taking a "bumpy" ride on the limo. These girls are great and I look forward to many more seasons with them.

Pawlak Boys Go Golfing

Greg and his dad go with a bunch of guys to Oscoda - every year - for a golf weekend. I personally think this is an extra special time for Greg with his dad. I am very glad that he goes and I know he enjoys himself. My Greg doesn't do much for himself, so this is a very BIG deal. I would move anything I had to to make sure he was still able to go. Love this guy!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Clorox VS Oxy Clean

I just had this conversation with Grant.

Grant: Mom, what's better? Clorox or Oxy Clean?
ME: Oxy Clean.
G: Well, on TV, it said that Clorox is better than Oxy Clean.
M: Well, I like Oxy Clean better.
G: So do I.

My thought you even know what Clorox or Oxy Clean are?

Just Jadyn

It Takes Some People From China.....

Grace's friend, Hannah, has moved to China (only for 3 years though). Every summer they come back and we get to hang out with them for a day. That day was this week. The girls swam and played and got along as if there was no time lost. I love that! Hannah had her hair "Kool-Aid dyed", and convinced me to let Grace, and subsequently Jadyn, dye their hair. They have been asking since before school got out and I have been consistent in my "NO", but I was finally broken.

Time to Turn Over a New Leaf

Well.....I have not written much lately. This has been more of a photo album than a family diary. So I am going to try and fix this situation and write something every day. It may or may not go as I plan, but I will do my best.

This morning I got a text from Grace, who was spending the night at her friend's house, and she said she was having a headache and was ready to throw up. So I got up and went to pick her up. As I was getting dressed, Jadyn, who was sleeping with me because Greg is on a golf outing, says "Can you turn the light off?" Ummmm???? It's the sun, sugar. I CAN'T turn it off. So I picked Grace up. She came in the house, threw up and went back to bed. As of now, both of my princesses are still sleeping. Jacob's friend, Gordie, has since come over, and he, Jacob and Grant are playing some stupid video game.

Grace's headache is most likely brought on by our recent attendance at the drive-in movies. We went Wednesday night to see "Minions" and "Inside Out". Neither would have been my choice, but since it really wasn't about ME, we went. By about 1/4 of the way into Inside Out, ALL of my children were sleeping and it was just Grandma and I watching movies we didn't want to watch. So, as per usual, we left before the show was ended. A double feature that starts just before 10pm is just too late of a night for us.