Monday, June 27, 2011

Notes on Parenting

I do have the best parents in the world. As I sat and reflected this morning, I realized how fortunate, no not fortunate, rather blessed, I am to have been raised in the family I was. For reasons I will never understand, God placed me in this place, where I have been loved, encouraged, disciplined, challenged and refined - all to become a woman of God. I am more than fortunate. My parents were strict. I was not allowed to do much. At the time, I did not like it, but looking back I am thankful for what I was saved from. My parents were always there - always. We were number one. No, this did not mean we were the spoiled brats of today that got everyTHING they wanted. Instead, we were the blessed children to get every PART of our parents. They supported our every endeavor, whether it was a sporting event or building a class float. My parents may not have given me everything I wanted, but I know I received everything I needed. I had my parents and I had their love. There is really nothing any child needs more than that. They need to know they are loved unconditionally and they need to have boundaries clearly marked out for them. Children are just that - children. They cannot, and should not, make decisions for themselves. In the name of independence, children are being forced to grow up way too fast and instead of producing responsible adults, we are producing whiny babies that think the entire world revolves around them. I am thankful for Godly parents, that instilled values, morals, and responsibility in me. I was taught to work hard and to play hard. Both are equally important. I can only pray that I am half of the parents they were.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rays Baseball Tournament (June 2011)

Jacob played baseball for the Rays this year. They ended the season in 7th place, but then really rocked out the tournament for champion. They won their first game on Saturday by a lot, then finished the day by beating the #2 team in an intense battle. The final game for the Rays was Sunday morning, which I struggled with missing church over. I thought I was not setting a good example. I wasn't, trust me. The game started with an amazing first inning by the Rays. They scored the maximum (5 runs per inning) with help from a triple from Jacob! Woo hoo! Then they held the other team at zero for a couple of innings. Then the Astros came alive. They scored 5 runs to tie the game up. 5th inning - we are batting - 2 guys out and 2 (go ahead runs) on base. Jacob gets up. Ohhhhhhh, what will happen? He is the most relaxed he has been for the entire season - it is crazy. He gets up and slams a double out to right field. 2 RBIs - way to go! Now we are up 2 runs and are in the field last. The kid who is pitching allows a few base hits and then walks a couple to load the bases. The next guy up, he walks, so that he walks in a run. He was so upset over that that he started crying. He could not finish, so the coach pulls Jacob from 3rd base and tells him to pitch. As if my ulcer was not bad enough at the moment, that was the final nail in my coffin. I sat quietly (the first time all day) under my shade umbrella and quietly talked Jacob through. Due to his skill (and not my silent coaxing) he struck the first guy out. This particular guy was the "best" hitter on the other team and had previously had 2 hits (double and triples). So Jacob struck HIM out - awesome! Then the next kid gets up and Jacob strikes him out! I threw my umbrella, jumped up, screamed and cheered - only to find out that this was only the 2nd out and not the 3rd. AUGH!!!! Jacob threw the next pitch and the kid hit it to shortstop, who bobbled it, finally grabbed it and threw it to first base. The problem was the first baseman was near shortstop, instead of where he belonged. 2 runs scored and chaos from the other side ensued. It was over for us. But let me tell you.....these Rays played their hearts out. They got so much better through the course of the season, and especially through this tournament, it was incredible!!! So proud of MY RAY of sunshine - Jacob, you ROCK!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The ER Visit and Time to Think

I am sitting right now in the ER with Greg. We came because for the last couple of weeks he has had major pain in his lower abdomen. It has been a very interesting day. He had a CT scan, which led us to a diagnosis of diverticulitis. We have an excellent nurse, named Tammy, who was specialized in stomach (gastro/endo) issues. Thank you LORD! We had an excellent doctor, who although he was a little short, was very thorough. I have gotten much work accomplished while I sat here and waited between trips to the bathroom, carrying Greg's IV bag. We have had a very nice day and I am SO THANKFUL that all he has is diverticulitis, and not anything more serious. Praise Jesus! Greg cannot stop talking about a real estate auction he just learned about and is really driving me crazy, but through that we have realized all our other blessings. Greg is very blessed, and therefore, so am I. Let me explain:

-His job
-A boss that not only told him to leave, but also offered his sick/leave time to Greg
-Being in a vanpool and having the ability to get a rental car to drive home
-A job that has positioned him in a place to learn much - to help us and others
-Learning about unclaimed properties
-Ability to buy used state vehicles
-Real estate auctions

It is neat to see how God is lining things up. Like I told Greg....we need to trust God alone. We need to stop jumping to conclusions and START with prayer. If God wants us to go in a particular direction, he will lead us. We need to pray separately and come together and see what we are to do.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Greg's Testimony

Today we became members at church and Greg gave his testimony. He said, "I married Michelle, then hit my knees and said 'Help me, Jesus!'" That's not really his testimony, but it is what he told my mom. Seriously though, I am so glad to be a part of OUR church family. Thank you LORD!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flower Girl

The kids are all playing outside. Jadyn just ran in exclaiming that the bees are outside and she HAS to change her clothes. When I asked her why, she told me that her clothes had flowers on them and the bees would come on her if she kept the flower clothes on. Makes sense, right?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strawberries Anyone?

The kids and I took an impromptu trip to the strawberry patch to pick berries. It is a beautiful, cool day (too cool for the pool) so we needed something fun to do. They loved picking the berries. Grant had the job of holding my camera, so that kept his hot little hands out of the berry plants. He was way more concerned with the tractor and wagon that took us out and back. Every time it would leave, he would yell "Mom, the tractor?" and when it came back he would say "Jacob, the tractor is back." EVERY TIME. I thought we had picked at least 10 pounds of berries, but when we went to weigh them, we only have just over 3 pounds. I was hoping for enough to make jam. Apparently, we had enough. We are all ready for some toast and jam!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Driveway Art

Jacob and Grace made good use of Grant's new birthday chalk this evening. They asked me to take pictures of their masterpieces and post them on Facebook - which I did. However, they also needed to be displayed here. Grace, on her own, wrote out the entire John 3:16 verse, then asked me to come look. Stuff like that really makes a momma swell with pride. I have the BEST kids in the whole world!

Pawlak Birthdays June 2011

Today we celebrated Grant's 3rd, Reid's 1st, Mimi's 69th and Papa's 72nd birthdays at Alicia and Jeremy's house. It was way colder than it should have been for June, but we all had a great time. The guys played horseshoes, the kids made up a volleyball game, the the girls gabbed.