Thursday, August 27, 2009

We're Moving

Yesterday the packers came and packed up 75% of my house. I was OK. Today, when the pulled up with the semi truck, I started crying. Funny how the sound of a semi truck can bring on the tears. But I get that way at parades too, when planes fly over or sirens sound. So I am sitting at the kitchen table with the fish bowl right next to me so that Sushi is not packed up, watching one of the packers (Louis) pack my kitchen. I am sure he just loves having me watch him (although I really am not watching), but it is really interesting to see how the professionals do it. Way better than I would have for sure. I think I am feeling OK with this move. I am most sad about how sad my mom and dad are going to be. I think they are going to take it the hardest. They are left with nothing and we are all going onto a new exciting adventure (keep telling yourself that, Michelle). So, if you are reading this - PLEASE say a prayer for my mom and dad and keep them in your prayers, if you can. Thanks!!

A little while ago I was outside getting my garbage cans ready to pack. I opened one and was disgustingly surprised to find some very old weeds that had turned into soupy sewage floating in the bottom. I almost threw up. So I was cleaning it out and the same packer as above (Louis) can out with his hand wrapped in packing paper that was stained red and said "Uh, we have a problem". I had thought he cut his hand off. He informed me that red food coloring had spilled in my kitchen. Whew! Red food coloring I can handle, but a cut off bleeding hand - not so much. I was very thankful that it was the food coloring and that he was OK. Although, my hands are now permanently stained red.

It is interesting to have someone pack your life up as you sit back and watch. Weird, actually. I feel so very lazy, but this is what you spend the big bucks for, right? In honesty, Greg's company is paying for my piece of mind, I guess. Let me tell you about this...When Greg went to work for this company they agreed to pay a certain dollar amount to move us. The amount was generous for sure but not enough to move our entire house. But we were definitely thankful to get it. So now it is moving time and Greg's company asked him for a copy of the bill for the move. He gave it to them and they cut him a check. He called me later to tell me that they gave him a check for the ENTIRE amount! Praise the Lord! That was so very generous of them. Greg told his boss that this was not what she said she would pay and she told him that she just felt she should pay for the whole thing. What a tremendous blessing she was to us!! We are so blessed to be going to work for such a great company and great boss! God has been blessing us all along the way, not just money things either. I asked to be smacked in the face with knowing that this was the right thing and so far is certainly seems to be right. I just keep praying that we remain in God's will, whatever that is - wherever that is!

The kids came over (they have been staying at my mom and dad's) to see the semi. The guys let them go in the front of the truck and check out the beds inside. They thought is was pretty cool! Then they got in the back and ran around in it. In the trailer part at the front there is a step up. Leave it to Grace to say that this part is a "stage". Well, that's it for now. Maybe more later.....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Time Is Coming

One week and counting.....everything is really setting into place. The movers come here on Wednesday, and we are off by Sunday. I am very sad and very scared and very nervous, but I know God is in control and I have NOTHING to worry about. Right before we left on vacation to Oscoda, Greg and I (on a whim) found a house to rent on Craig's List. We emailed the owner and Greg went and looked at it that night and we had everything agreed to THAT night. Crazy how fast it went! So last week (the week after vacation) I went to IL with Greg to get the kids registered for school and get things set up with the house. I stayed for 3 days and then took the train home. That was an experience! But now...we are at the place where everything is starting to be REAL. And I am scared. I am leaving everything I have ever known. I am leaving my home, my family, my friends, my church....yet I am putting MY family back together. For that I am eternally grateful and so happy. I miss being with Greg. I miss the kids running and jumping on him every night. I miss him shooting baskets with Jacob. I hate that he has missed things in each of our kids lives. I am so glad that we are going to be together again. God has certainly blessed us!!! Praise His Holy Name!!

Here is a picture of our old house

And here is a picture of out new house

Everything is kind of different. But God is good and will take care of us!! We'll keep you posted.

Monday, August 17, 2009

"Sing a New Song"

This is the title of the devotion in "Our Daily Bread" for today and WHAT an encouragement it is for me! Today I am in Bloomington - registering the kids for school and getting "EVERYTHING" set up for us to move here in 2 weeks. I was feeling totally overwhelmed as I was preparing for this, but God in His infinite majesty and wisdom totally had everything all planned out for me. Oh how I am praising Him in this storm!! I was so very happy to see that Jacob and Grace's classrooms are RIGHT next to each other - so on the off chance that one of them needs the other they are really close! Praise the Lord! I wrote 3 checks at the school totalling $240, just to go to school - what the heck? I have to pay for public school? We aren't in Michigan anymore!! $30 for the "Bithday Book Club Celebration" in which they get a new level-appropriate book on their birthday, $50 each for lunch and $55 each to "register" for school. AAAGGHHHH!!!! I have already talked to Jacob's teacher and she seems pretty nice and I am looking forward to talking to Grace's teacher. I was worked up about my kids starting school late - as we won't be here unti 10 days after school starts - but I have been re-reassured that they will be fine. Praise the Lord! I have found a pediatrician, the bus stop, a bank and a good place for coffee, so I feel I am doinf good. We are looking at the house tonight and I forgot to bring the video camera or any camera for that matter, so I am thinking - since I am already hemmoraging money - I might as well go buy the new camera I have been talking about. I stopped at the apartment to check email and go to the bathroom and while I was there I read the above-mentioned devotion, which talked about praising the Lord in EVERY situation - good or bad. Boy if that was not exactly for me on this day in this situation, I do not know what it is!!! God is so great and I am so blessed by His mighty hand on my life!!! So, that's all for now....maybe I will have more later...maybe I will have some pictures.....maybe.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


As I was making dinner today, Grace and I had this conversation:

Grace: I know something sad about Evelyn, Mom.
Me: What is that?
G: That she does not have Jesus in her heart.
M: How do you know that?
G: I asked her.
M: You asked her that today?
G: No, I asked her when we slept at her house.
M: What did you ask her?
G: I just asked her if she asked Jesus to come into her heart and she told me no. I think that is so sad, Mom.
M: Me too Grace, but you need to keep being her friend and encouraging her whenever you can.
G: It is sad that she does not have a church, but I told Kristine (Evelyn's mom) that she could some to our church since she does not have one of her own.
M: That's a good idea. I think Evelyn liked coming to church with you......

What a girl! I love that she was able to have this conversation without any prompting from me. I love that Jesus lives in her heart and she wants to share him with her friends! Sometimes, I just stand in awe......

Praise you Lord! Praise you!

And here the princess is....

What a riot she is!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Most Important Part (and I Left It Out)

I was leaving to drive and meet my friend to drop off her daughter, who had spent a couple of nights with us, when all of a sudden I remembered that Faith (the daughter) had told me that she wanted to stop by my parent's house to say goodbye to them. BTW - that is where Jacob had been staying to spend some time with his cousin, Spencer. So, about 25-30 yards before my parent's road I decided to turn. That is not a whole lot of time when you are driving 60 MPH. Suffice it to say, it was a last minute decision. AND TOTALLY IN THE PROVIDENCE OF GOD (but what isn't, right?) How PERFECT of our Lord to have me stop, when I was not planning to, and be able to take care of my "broken" child. God is SO AMAZING and so in control of EVERY situation. How can I sit here and not trust HIS perfect plan for my life? Even when things do not go according to the way I plan them, I can certainly rest in the certainity that things DO go according to God's plan. We are still waiting on what to do with our house. I miss my husband terribly and he is struggling with not being wherever our family is. I currently fall in and out of trust with God. I struggle with controlling the situation, when I have ABSOLUTELY no control of anything that has to do with the situation. All I know is, I am ready to be with Greg, together as a family, wherever that is. I can't honestly say that I wasn't already feeling this way. I have hated this from the very first day and it is not getting any better. I guess that is a good thing though. But each time I struggle with this, I keep going back to the fact that this is all in HIS holy hands and is not something for me to worry or fret over. It is a bit like our pastor said on Sunday - "It is easier to believe IN God, than to believe God" Why am I struggling with believing that He will take care of everything? I know that it may not be according to my plan, yet somehow I still struggle with what I know to be true. What the heck is my deal? Anyway, I have totally digressed. Back to the original story....It was not at all convenient for my precious friend and her gracious husband to drive all the way to my parent's house to pick up their daughter (and drop off the car top carrier thing I was borrowing), but what are friends for if not to go the extra mile (or 100 or whatever it actually was)? Thankfully, I am truly blessed with wonderful friends and family, who all changed the courses of their days to help me out. Praise the Lord for them all! I love you guys!

Take a Wild Guess....

I'll give you ONE chance to guess how I spent almost ALL of my day today......

Have you guessed yet? If you have guessed, then scroll down.......

Unbelieveable, huh? The THIRD broken arm. AAAAGGHHHH! Jacob hit a small tree while riding a four-wheeler. The jolt from the tire on the tree caused his arm to break just above the wrist. I know U of M loves us, for sure!

"Girls Night In"

August 3, 2009


Landin, Faith, Macy, Grace, Evelyn and Jadyn







They wanted to see how much Landin could handle.

Grant with Great-Grandma Boss's tiger - she would have LOVED to see this!

The Pictures, As Promised

The CRAZY hats!

The kids in front of some Illinois corn

Grace in the Venetian parade

Parade Again