Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Science Fair Project

Grace and Jadyn decided (against my wishes) that they wanted to participate in the science fair at school this year. They are doing the infamous balloon, vinegar and baking soda experiment. Check it out.

Grant, Just Grant

Grant came and got in bed with me this morning. While we were cuddling, I asked him if he could promise me something. He asked me what promise meant. I told him it meant that if you say you are going to do something, you HAVE to do it. So I asked him, "Can you promise me that you will always be a good boy?" He responded, "I can promise you something else." "What?", I asked. "I can promise that you are beautiful." At least he is honest.

Our conversation turned to fruit roll-ups. He told me that he loved eating them. I said, " I know. You are kind of a pig with them. You eat one, then another, then another, then another." He responded, "That's how it goes."

Still Loves His Momma

Sunday night Jacob had his friend Noah over to spend the night. They were sleeping in the basement. Shortly after midnight, Jacob came up to my room and said he couldn't fall asleep. Then he asked me if I would come lay with him. I was surprised at first. Of course, I know he likes me to lay with him, but with his friend over? So I went and laid there with him, listening to his friend snore, trying to be as still as I could so as not to wake his friend and have him see that I was laying with Jacob (good mom, right?) So after 10 minutes Jacob was asleep and I went back to my own bed. In the morning I was talking to the boys, and I said something about checking on them. Then Jacob said, "You came downstairs?" Quickly realizing my mistake (mentioning that I was down there) I back-pedaled and said that at 1:30 I came down to check on them and the were BOTH asleep. Then Jacob asked, "You came down at 1:30?" To which I lied and said yes. Then he said, "Well, you were down here at midnight too when you came and laid with me." OK - I guess I didn't need to cover my tracks. I LOVE that he didn't even care if his friend knew I was there. Precious moments.

Drained It!!!

Monday at basketball practice, Jacob and the boys were shooting around. Most of Jacob's shots did NOT go in. Fast forward to the end of practice. Jacob was standing at half court and Coach told him if he made the shot, the team would not have to run. According to Jacob, he took his free throw stance and just threw it. Swish!!! Nothing but net - no rim at all. When I came in to pick Jacob up, Coach came over to me and said, " I hate your son!" I was concerned, but then he explained what happened, and I was nothing short of PROUD! Great job, Jacob!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Basement Jam (Winter Break 2013)

Jadyn and I were talking about Girl Scouts today and I asked her if she wanted to join. She said, "I don't know what Girl Scouts is, but I know their cookies are GOOOOOD." That is a girl after her mom's own heart. She sure loves her sweets!

Tournament Champions!!!! (5th grade - Midland)

Greg's 45th Birthday

The following are my status updates from the time surrounding "Greg's Birthday Extravaganza"


"My kitchen is a HOT MESS and I believe we used EVERY dish in it, but Greg's pre-birthday dinner and birthday breakfast are well underway. My party planners are rocking this house!"
"Dinner was a huge success! Fried porkchips, cheesy potatoes and various veggies. Followed by opening a present, a quick trip to Meijer for shoes Greg has been eyeing (he had to make sure they were "cool" enough, so we all had to go), then a VERY LOUD game of Memory (right Tom Ossman??), and finished up with apple pie and ice cream. Tomorrow morning (bright and early) we are having breakfast egg casserole and birthday cake. Thanks to basketball, the dentist and 5th grade camp, we have absolutely no time to celebrate a birthday. Greg was pretty whiny about this so we had to make a pretty big deal about his birthday eve party."
"Birthday breakfast was a success. When I went to wake up the girls, Jadyn jumped up but Grace didn't move. That is when Jadyn informed me "you have to hit her." Really? I have never tried that technique before. All have eaten and most have returned back to bed - in fact, they kept asking Greg when he was leaving so they could get back into bed. Grant was slightly disappointed that Greg wanted to wait until nighttime to eat cake. He wanted cake for breakfast, and I must admit, so did I. Wait until our birthdays, Grantie-boy. Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life!"


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grandpa the Babysitter

Last night Greg and I went out. The kids were left with Grandpa. Grandma was there but was sleeping as she had to work. The kids were LOUD and woke Grandma up. Grace had to help Grandpa make macaroni and cheese, which he had never done before. He didn't even bother with the chicken tenders I sent. Apparently, the macaroni and cheese dropped on the floor. They scooped it up and ate. Grace's macaroni and cheese had hair in it - GREAT. Poor Grace. On the way home, Grant said, "Grandpa wouldn't leave me alone." I asked him what he meant. He said, "He just kept holding me and making me sit by him. He would not leave me alone." Well, Grant....I guess you are just really loved.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Difficult Neighbor Relations

Jacob and Grace went out to make some money this morning. They headed out with their shovels to see whose driveway they could clean off. Before they came home, they had done 3 driveways. On the way to the 3rd one, the neighbor girl caught up with them and decided to join their company, although Jacob and Grace did not want her to go with them. They all went to the 3rd house where the sweet lady there paid them each $5 to do her driveway. On the way back, Jacob talked to another neighbor who told him he could do his driveway but to come back later to do it. So the kids came in the house and that money was burning a hole in Jacob's pocket faster than he could make it. He asked if I could take him to Target to buy some basketball cards. Being the completely indulgent mom that I am, we went. But only because I still had Greg's birthday present to buy. While we were gone, Grace went to the neighbor girl's house to help her shovel her own driveway. Greg told Grace that she was not allowed to leave their house. While they were shoveling, the man (from earlier) came outside and the neighbor girl ran up to him and asked if they could do his driveway now. He said yes, and she went to work. Grace, remembering that she was not supposed to leave the girl's house, stayed and kept shoveling her driveway. So the man paid the neighbor girl and she and Grace came back into our house. The girl pulled out the money and said she got paid. When the kids heard about this, it started some discussion. Greg and I got involved and told the neighbor girl that what she did was not being a friend and was not nice. She then took the money and threw it at Greg and walked out of our house. We continued talking to our kids about the situation, and decided that the neighbor should get $5 because she did the work, Grace should get $3 because she shoveled the neighbor girl's driveway (because she couldn't leave) and Jacob should get $2 because he drummed up the business. Grace ran out to give the girl the money and she responded with "that is crap." Shortly thereafter, I received a text from the girl's mom (our hearing impaired neighbor). We texted back and forth about the girl's behavior. I realized that the mom only knew part of the story. We continued texting, then the girl brought Grace an apology letter (that was not very nice at all). I told the mom that I would not allow the girl to be disrespectful to Greg or I, and she was not going to be allowed to take advantage of my kids. Later on, we were all sitting down to watch a movie, when the doorbell rang. No one wanted to get it. Greg answered it and told me it was for me. It was the girl's mom. She was bringing over a container of cupcakes. This whole situation really has me confused. I feel for the poor girl because, basically, she is raising herself. I want to help the mom because she needs the help and she is handicapped. I don't think I mentioned that I watch the girl 2 nights a week while the mom teaches a sign language class. I am frustrated with the kid's disrespectful behavior and her story telling (which has both Greg and I worried - what happens when she tells stories about us?) I want to help and I feel that I am supposed to, but this is a very awkward situation. I guess I should spend more time seeking the LORD's will in this, than I spend typing about it here. I think I have said enough.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Funny that the kid who, just a few days ago told me the "only thing" he wanted for his birthday was a pair of customized basketball shoes, just moved a bunch of selected items into my shopping cart. I have more than 3 notes that say these shoes are "really the only thing" he wants. He even included his own $3 with one of them. Now these selected items equal another $140 on top of his $160 shoes. I don't have $300 to my name, so what on earth would make him think I would spend this much on basketball clothes? We are almost to baseball season - then all the clothing changes again.

This morning Grant came flying into my bedroom wearing Jadyn's black leggings with the lace on the bottom and her long sleeve shirt with the sparkly silver bow on the front. He was calling the bow a butterfly, and shouting "I have butterfly power!" Then he said his new name was Molly. For such a rough and tumble guy, this is really abnormal behavior.

I was talking with Jadyn about Greg's up and coming birthday. I asked her what we should do. She said we can't stay home - "Lame." At 6, how does she even know that word?