Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Now for the Updates.....

It is almost my last day of work for the 2017-2018 school year. Relief is on the horizon.....I think. Once I leave work, my first day starts by having to drive Jacob (and maybe some teammates) to a baseball tournament at 5:00AM. Yes - I said AM!!! That's nuts. Then after that the fun starts....all 11 kiddos. All. Summer. Long. It is super crazy, but it is the BEST thing ever. To watch these kids together - I see why grandma and grandpa want it. They love watching their kiddos have fun and THEY DO have fun!!!! Grandma is still recovering from her 2nd knee surgery. It sort of works out because Grace has just completed segment 1 of driver's ed and can now drive grandma wherever she needs to go. And grandma is taking FULL advantage of this. Today they are in Ann Arbor for a doctor appointment. And since I am still at work, that means grandpas is left with the others. Well....except for Jacob and Spencer who nestled in at my house playing FortNite - UGH hate that game. But the good news there is that Jacob can drive them back and forth. However, they are NOT allowed to be there more than once a week. So that leaves grandpa with the littles. I'm sure that whatever they are doing at this moment - they are loving it. Because Blake and Sawyer have moved up to the forts, there needed to be another fort added to the mix. So, Jadyn and grandpa worked tirelessly for the 3 weeks before school got out to create the "She-Shed" for the girls. Jadyn ran electrical, built beds, laid carpeting, you name it - she did it. These kiddos are so blessed to have grandparents who pour themselves into these kids. In order for our ship to run tightly, rules and schedule have been established. In addition, each kiddo has their own "EVERYDAY CHORE". Jadyn and Ava's chore is to cook. They are in charge of planning and preparing dinner, under the watchful and helpful eye of grandma.

#1 Adults Speak Once
#2 Clean Up After Yourself
#3 Help Others
#4 Eat At Meal Times

8-9a                                        Breakfast
9-11a                                      Work
11a-3p                                    Free Time
1p                                           Lunch
3-4p                                        Read
4p                                           Popcorn
4-8p                                        Free Time
6p                                           Dinner
Whenever Grandma Says      Shower and Bed

Jacob - garbage
Grace - load dishwasher
Spencer - empty dishwasher
Seth - take care of dead animals
Jadyn - cook
Ava - cook
Bryce - wash floor
Grant - wash floor
Ella - clean 1 bathroom a day
Blake - clear table
Sawyer - clear table
Sam - vacuum

So far things have been going least according to grandma. Only Jadyn, Ava and Grant have broken rules so far. And we even have the consequences down. So far, so good.

On to the rest.....

Jacob is playing baseball and has decided that this is his main sport. I'm sure it has a LOT to do with the coaching he has received over the years. In addition to driving, he has started working. He has had a few lawn clean-up jobs, and now has a summer job of weeding in a lady's gardens 2 days a week. He also is doing house/yard maintenance for Nancy. Additionally, he has to start wearing orthodics in his shoes because he has flat, old man feet.

Grace is still dating Sam and has started pom. She loves both. Sam is doing a good job of fitting into the family. Grace has recently completed segment 1 of driver's ed and thinks she should be able to drive like her momma. Not yet princess, not yet. But she will drive any time she gets a chance (unlike her older brother). She is still suffering from hydranitis suprativa and due to a recent episode is going to see a surgeon about having the affected part of her skin removed. We will see.

Jadyn is growing like a weed. Everytime I see her she looks taller than the last time. She is loving being at grandma and grandpa's house and being with her cousins. She has 2 volleyball camps coming up this summer and we will (most likely) be having her join a volleyball club. Volleyball is definitely her sport of choice. I fear she is getting closer to the boy liking stage in her life. She is very social and loves to be chatting with all her friends.

Grant (as you can see from the last post's picture) is my firecracker. He just graduated from the school I work in and I am very sad about that. I mean, I am happy he graduated, but am sad that I will not get to drive in with him everyday. He, too, is playing baseball now - and if I'm honest - I don't think he likes it very much. He is a lefty and as such plays an awesome first base. But his team is rough and that makes playing really hard. He still loves basketball and football most.

Greg is still working hard daily at his job, which we are so blessed to have. I'm thankful that he has a place to work that he enjoys (most days). His immediate manager just put her 2 week notice in and I think it was probably time. She was struggling and making everyone in her way miserable in the process. Greg is very interested in her position, and if it is God's will, that is where he will end up. That is our prayer though. He has been working towards that goal and it seems to be happening a little sooner than he thought, but that it ok. He is without a doubt more than able to handle that next step. He is a very good man. I am more than blessed to have married someone who can deal with me. Mom warned him though :) His prostate cancer is holding still - Praise the Lord!! He has had some recent diverticulitis episodes, but is managing well.

Spencer is our biggest concern this summer. He (most likely) will need to have a hip replacement THIS summer. I know, crazy for a 14 year old, right? We are praying for complete healing and know that God's plan in everything is perfect. So we wait......but there have been blessing all along the way.

So, for now....that is it. Stay tuned.....

Just for Fun

Last Day of 4th Grade at Creekside

My last baby has graduated from elementary school. This was a VERY TOUGH day for me. I absolutely loved coming in every day with Grant. He would always make sure the 80s on 8 was on for me in the car, and we would sing along to songs he had never heard - but did a great job of learning. He would always open the door coming in for me, or anyone else who happened to walk in with us. I will miss those moments tremendously. Now, as for him getting in trouble and embarrassing me....those moments I will not miss as much. But seeing his face every day at school I will most definitely miss. 

4th Grade Quilts (for all my kiddos)

The End of the 2017-2018 School Year

Grant's 10th Birthday

Oh the 10th birthday party! Grant's 10th birthday fell on a Friday this year. I was planning a surprise birthday party for him. I thought I could keep him after school with me and his friends could all get to our house and surprise him when we got home. I started typing the email, when I realized that Grant had a baseball game that day. Should I make his friends come sit at the game for 2 hours in the middle of the party? What to do?? Moments later....2 of the kids I was planning to invite ended up in the office in trouble. That settled it. I was NOT having the party. I don't like those friends anyway and do not want to encourage Grant to hang around them. Party cancelled. Throughout the next week, I had Grant have two other "playdates" with kids I considered appropriate friends for him. Fast-forward to Thursday (the day before Grant's birthday). Baseball game cancelled. I quickly sent out texts to the 2 "new" friends to see if they could do an impromptu birthday party and unfortunately, they were both busy. Bummer. Then I was offered 4 tickets to the Tigers game for birthday night. I quickly accepted and thought Greg could take Grant and........who? Grace and Sam quickly offered to go to the game to celebrate their 9 month anniversary (how romantic). So that became the plan.....Birthday morning, Grant came to me at work and was sad. He did not want to go to the game without any friends. I reminded him that his friends were not able to come. I called Greg and he came up with a brilliant plan to invite 2 guys from Grant's baseball team....because they should not have any plans because we were supposed to play that night. And after many phone calls and all worked out perfectly! Grant had a great time with his buddies!!

Tigers Game with Papa

Aunt Alicia had makeup rain-out Tigers ticket that she was not able to use, so she gave to Greg to take the boys and Papa. The morning of the game Greg woke up with a diverticulitis episode. He asked if I could take them to the game. Ugh! I don't like games/concerts where there are crowds of people and I hate driving to Detroit. But I would do anything for my kiddos. So.....I went. And it was the most enjoyable game I have EVER been to. Our parking was directly across from the stadium entrance (maybe 100 yards). Once we were inside, our seats we RIGHT THERE....well down a few stairs. But the seat...oh the seats! We were in the 2nd row behind the Tiger's dugout and behind home

plate. They were awesome!!! Between every inning, Grant was able to go to the dugout and take pics, get balls from the players, get the ball he brought signed and he even got his t-shirt signed. It was a beautiful evening and I had a blast! I have no clue of they won or not, but I know I did! Thanks Alicia!