Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You Don't Need That

While watching something with Jadyn today, there was a commercial for a cool (as in temperature), fat-reducing machine - for when diet and exercise don't work. After watching the commercial, Jadyn turns to me and says, "Good thing you don't need that, mom." See why I love her so much? Keep believing that precious girl! You really make your momma happy - and for real reasons too, not just funny ones.

That's a Coach!

I was so impressed by Jacob's football coach tonight. He told the boys that "football players are smart" and then gave them homework. They have to read a book (of more than 50 pages) by the start of school. I so LOVE that! That is my idea of a good coach - work their bodies, work their minds.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Jadyn Turns 6!!!

My sweet Jadyn girl turned 6! I can hardly believe it. Here day was full of........a long car ride home from Charlevoix. However, Daddy had a steak dinner waiting for her, as well as a chocolate cake with pink icing and sprinkles!!!! She opened presents, then she did a fashion show to show Daddy what she got on her shopping spree up north with Mom, Grace and Ava. I won't put all the pictures, but just some fun ones.

Venetian (2012)

We spent the weekend at Krystel and Steve's house. We went to the carnival, ate carnival food, rode carnival rides, watched a boat parade and fireworks, rode the dune buggy, shot squirrels, slept, went to the casino, went to the beach, shopped at every resale shop in the area, played with our cousins and had an all around great time! Thanks Webers!

The Frog Pond

For reasons known only to kids (and the adults who watch the kids there), the frog pond at Grandma and Grandpa Boss' house has incredible draw. Inevitably, once there, the kids are sucked into the frog vortex - even the ones who WILL NOT touch a frog!

Jadyn, Grace and Seth's Birthday Party (and Grandpa too!)

Jadyn turned 6, Grace turned 9 and Seth turned 7! Grandpa turned 66! We had a great day and a lot of fun!

Grandma Carolyn brought gifts for all the kids there! She had them draw numbers to see who picked first and then each one got to pick a fun gift! The individual shots of the kids with something in their hands are the ones from GC.