Monday, October 28, 2013


A few posts ago, I posted some pictures of Grant at his field trip. There was a sweet little girl in most of them. Her mom just told me that Eden (the little girl) asked her what a crush was. Her mom responded, telling her it was when you liked someone, or liked to be around them. Sometimes you get butterflies in your stomach when you are near them or you giggle a lot. Eden looked at her mom and very seriously said, "Mom, I think I have a crush on Grant." Awwwwwww.........

Lunch Teacher or ROCKSTAR?

I was walking through the grocery store with some of my kiddos. When I walked past the freezer section I was greeted with "OH MY GOSH!" One of the 4th graders at my kids school (where I also work as the lunch/recess lady) recognized me - in the grocery store! The look on her face was like, Really? She shops? Here? At my grocery store? I had to laugh, but she really filled my bucket. What fun!!!


Yesterday's sermon at church was on the walking dead - or zombies. Oh yes, did that resonate with me. Holy cow! An awesome illustration Pastor Brad used (taken from the Navajo Indians) was that there are 2 wolves living inside you - one is your spirit and one is your flesh. The question is not, which one are you starving (by not making bad choices), but rather which one are you feeding? That certainly hit home with me because I have been feeling that I have been rushing through my Bible reading and time with the LORD. Lots to do, right? Not a whole lot of time for you LORD. As Aunt Kathy told us, if the devil can't make you bad, he will make you busy. Problem is - being busy lends itself to being bad. Herein is where I sit.

Being busy = less time with God = poor choices = crappy life. THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT!

So, I am making some changes. Love how God works though. This mornings ODB reading talked about waiting on the LORD. When people are attacking you (however they choose to do it), do not be afraid. God does not leave or forsake you. Then I read my Daily Bible Verse and it reminded me that even though the storm rages outside the boat of my life, I need to remember WHO is in the boat with me. Not only does He have the power to calm the storm, he will never leave my side. I do not need to be afraid, or worry, or fret, or concern myself with things that are really not important. (Which - BTW - is what I have been doing)

Thank you LORD for never giving up on me. I am a masterpiece in the works and I have an awesome Creator!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An Incredible Parenting Moment

We had an INCREDIBLE moment last night!! Jacob has been playing football. And, without saying too much, he has been clearly underappreciated. His coaches have played more "dadball" than football. And while I have been bitter about this in the past, I am working on being a better person. So, last night at practice, the coaches said they were not giving out any awards for their game on Saturday because nothing good happened. What a bunch of bunk that was! Yes, they lost terribly. But, in consistent fashion, they completely skipped over Jacob's THREE (yes 3!!!) fumble recoveries for turnovers. Seriously? Who has 3 fumble recoveries? Jacob! And then to not be recognized by his coaches? I guess they were too humiliated by their sons' multiple sacks and backwards running. OK - now I sound bitter again. (I'm still working on this.....) So, let's get on to the INCREDIBLE part. Greg and I were sitting in the family room talking about this and Jacob came down and sat on the couch. We started talking about this and Jacob said, "Coach Altman told me I did awesome. Coach Mendez said I did great. And, besides, I know I did awesome and that's all that matters." Greg and I both simultaneously cheered and high-fived Jacob. We were so excited!!! He gets it! Yes, it would be great to have coaches that praised and/or encouraged him, but it was fabulous to hear that HE knows! Love this. And love this kid!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


This afternoon, while I was bemoaning the amount of money I spent while grocery shopping, Greg was "trying" to cheer me up. We were lying on our bed and he was on top of me. I know that sounds bad, but we were just lying there - and he was being goofy. Enter Jadyn.....she says "What are you doing?" Greg says "nothing."Jadyn says, "Dad, why are you on top of Mom? You know that you are supposed to be on the bottom and Mom is supposed to be on top of you." OH_MY_WORD!!! Did she really just say that? Then Greg says "I know. That's what I was just telling her." My family is a bunch of nerds, that's all.

A few hours later, Jadyn comes running downstairs, with Grant on her heels. In her hand are 2 of the plastic tooth containers that the kids get from school when they lose a tooth. She is shaking them and you can hear the teeth inside. She says, "Mom, how come you have some of these?" I asked her where she got those. She replied, "They were in your dresser drawer, with a bunch of teeth in bags." Guess she found the tooth fairy's stash. I quickly changed the subject to try and get her mind off of the teeth. Grace started to say something and I gave her the death ray stare. She distracted Grant, Greg took Jadyn for a walk and I moved the tooth fairy's stash. I hope she is happy.

Monday, October 14, 2013

That's What Grandpa's Are For

Heard lots if banging downstairs then Grant came up and asked if Greg and I would come watch him kick a field goal. Huh? In my basement? Then he told me Jacob would hold the ball for him and he would kick it. So I went. They had a great setup with a bunch of pillows to "receive" the ball. So they setup for the kick. Jacob holds, Grant kicks and then my picture frame (hanging on the wall behind) shatters. Field goal Pawlak! I love boys!

As a result of the basement debacle last night, we now have a field goal post in the front yard. Jacob called Grandpa and he was over lickety split with a field goal post. Spoiled I tell you. Spoiled.


Fun Run 2013

Guess Who Is Another Year Older?


Grant's Kindergarten Trip to Spicer's Orchard

We had a beautiful day to go to the cider mill today. I am very thankful that I was able to go with Grant. It was super fun to watch him interact with his classmates outside of the recess setting. It was also interesting to see other's views of Grant. As you may notice in the pictures, I think Grant may have an admirer. Eden is a cute little muffin that is always near to Grant. Wherever Grant is, Eden is nearby. Very interesting.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Another Lesson Learned........or Not.

It was Friday. Grant left his ipod outside. Jacob, being the nice big brother he is, picked it up. And set it on the back bumper of my van. Then I left - with the ipod still on the bumper. And then it rained. Greg called me to tell me what had happened. I went out to look and see if, by chance, the ipod was miraculously still stuck to the bumper, but to no avail. When I arrived back home, I had 2 children crying, one whimpering as he cried himself to sleep and one who really didn't care. In order they were Jacob, Grace, Grant and Jadyn. Jacob was upset about what had happened and that he had caused Grant to lose his ipod. Grace was hysterical (of course she was) because Grant didn't have an ipod anymore and that just wasn't fair. "He is so little and so sad." Well, maybe he shouldn't have had an ipod in the first place. Ever think of that? Jadyn was asleep and could have cared less. And Grant, too, was sleeping but whimpering through it because he had totally cried himself to sleep. Greg had yelled, so when I got home I needed to "talk". I laid in bed with Jacob and talked over the whole thing and chalked it up to a mistake - and they happen all the time - and we just needed to learn from it and be more careful from now on.

Fast forward to Sunday. I went outside to play basketball with Jacob. I had my iphone with me and didn't want to drop it so I set it down. On the running board of Greg's van. Yep, I did. A few minutes later Greg came out and said he was going to Meijer - did Jacob want to go with him? So Jacob got in the van and away they drove. A few minutes later Greg called the house phone and his question to me was "Where is your phone?" Oh crap! He said that Jacob reminded him that my phone was on the running board. So I jumped in my van and carefully drove down my driveway, and headed towards Meijer. I found my phone at the entrance to our sub. It was lying face down and did not look like anyone had run it over - yet. I picked it up, hopeful. As I turned it over, I realized I was too late. The screen was smashed to smithereens. It was so bad. But then guess what? It still worked!!!!

Fast forward to Greg being mad at me. Me apologizing to Jacob. Saying that sometimes lessons aren't learned the first time, and when this happens it usually gets more costly. And it did. $90 to get the screen replaced. $40 for a new case to keep it safer.

Then the unthinkable happened......Grant's ipod was found on the recliner in the basement! Oh. My. Word.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bonfire and Sleepover

School Play


First Day of School (2013-2014)

Jacob (6th - Roy) and Grace (5th - Baker) are at Farms. Jadyn (2nd - Carpenter) and Grant (K - Howe) are at Creekside.