Monday, February 10, 2014

What a Day!

Yesterday was Sunday! That meant church! I love going to church! Yesterday was especially special because Aunt Alicia and Uncle Jeremy were coming to church, then coming over for lunch. Mom and Dad were coming too! At church, I was hugged and kissed by one of mom's clients, who subsequently introduced me to mom's boss. I was also going to meet for the first time the wife of a man on the prayer team with me - and I've been so looking forward to meeting her. Another person on my radar was "Brad". At this point I really didn't know his name, but I knew who he was. You see, Brad is the super wild, super colorful lover of Jesus that was one of the reasons I loved my church so much from day 1. He was one of the great sea of diverse people just worshiping God - no pretenses - just love. So, yesterday I introduced myself to him and told him how he had an impact on why I was at this church. Awesome guy - awesome conversation! Then as we were sitting in church, I saw a teacher from school come in! I excused myself from my seat and gave her a hug! Super exciting! What a great day it is shaping up to be! I had earlier in the morning received a text from someone who I've invited to church, but hasn't been able to come. She asked if I was going to be at church - of course I was! Was she coming? I kept looking for her but didn't see her. After the service, as I was trying to leave (lunch at my house, remember?) I saw her! I ran up to her and hugged her and her kiddos, and shook her hubby's hand. Oh my word! I was so excited! Then my pride took over - ugh. Oh, this was not the best "first" service for her to come to. You see, we were wrapping up a series on the trouble with Christianity, with a conversation with a Bio-chemist. Know what she said to me? "I knew you would say that." Then she went on to tell me that she was watching Bill Nye, the science guy that morning. She thought to herself what does science have to do with God? "I'm going to church," she said to her family. They got in the car and drove to my church. And what was the sermon on? Yep. God and Science. Are you kidding me? She did not even know what was going on at our church. I love how God works!!! And a fabulous way to knock me down a few rungs. What the heck do I know? God's ways are not our ways, neither are his thoughts our thoughts. Boy, am I glad for that today!!!!! All this, then as the night wore on, Grace asked me if I would start reading the Bible with her. Of course I will! We started in Matthew. I read Chapter 1, she read chapter 2, she read chapter3......then she realized that Jesus was baptized. She was amazed at that. Then she turned to me, and asked if she could be baptized. As super excited as I was, I questioned WHY she would want to do this. You see, I don't want her to do this because I want her to. I don't want her to do this because she thinks it will make me happy, or because other people are doing it. She looked at me, with tears shining in the corners of her eyes, and said, "Because I love Jesus and want to live for him." One proud momma there. So, I explained that she will have to be able to defend her faith (which she definitely can) and told her that I would look into making this happen for her. So, you see.......this was an AMAZING day!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Statue Rises Again and Other Morning Exercises

A few minutes ago, while I was checking my email, Grant came up to me and said, "Mom, look at my weiner. It is standing like a statue again." Well......maybe if your hand wasn't on it, it might not be so tall. Huh?

Fast forward to Grace, Grant and I sitting on the couch. Grace proceeded to tell me that Grant needed to be potty trained again. He looked at her with a look of shock. Then she said, "Well, if you got your poop in the toilet...." To which he replied that he does get it in the toilet. Then she said, "Well, maybe you get it IN the toilet, but maybe if you didn't rub your butt all over the seat.." Seriously? Where do my kids get these things?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Passed the Typing Test.....Kinda

I have taken a typing test for work probably about 6 times. Every one of those times I have typed 42 words per minute, which basically means, I failed. Today was another test day. As I was dropping Jadyn and Grant off at school, I mentioned that I had to go take the test. Jadyn quickly folded her hands and bowed her head, and prayed. "Dear Jesus, Please help my mom do good on her test." Well, good things happen when you pray. I passed the test for the first time EVER! Now, granted, I only passed at the lowest level (office parapro), but I passed nevertheless. Yippee! And thank you Jadyn (and LORD) for your prayer!!!


Last night, shortly after Grace woke up not feeling well and needing a shower, Grant came and got in bed with me and told me he had a bad dream. I held him and prayed for him. Within minutes, he was fast asleep on my arm. Well, I simply could not sleep like that. So, I picked him up and started to carry him back to his bed. I lifted him up to the top bunk and he scrambled under his covers and mumbled, "I have to catch that dream. I don't want to miss it." I think he was having a good one!!!

Coloma Tournament CHAMPS!!

Jacob's basketball team played in a tournament in Coloma, Michigan this past weekend. This was also the weekend that was projected to get a HUGE dumping of snow. Greg and the other kids were staying home and Jacob and I were traveling with his friend, Foster and his mom. We drove out Friday night and beat the snow, played basketball Saturday - won the tournament - then played in the waterpark at our hotel Saturday night. During the day on Saturday, there was about 6-8 inches of snow that fell. It worked out well that we spent two nights, as Saturday night allowed the plows to clear the roads so our trip home was perfect. It was a great weekend with my son! I enjoyed getting to know Foster's mom better....we are now known as "Thelma and Louise".