Monday, February 22, 2016

Oh No!!!!

Jumping Jadyn

Jadyn's jump rope clinic has ended. She is not really happy about that, but the jumping will continue. In the meantime, we will forge ahead with Girls on the Run and volleyball.

Cereal City Classic - Battle Creek

Grace had a gymnastics meet in Battle Creek, so of course, we were going to go and stay with my bestie, Tammy and her family. For this meet, my mom came with us too! We had a great time, shopping, eating, catching up and cheering Grace on. She finished in 6th place for Beam, Bars and OVERALL. So proud of her! And so much fun...... And who knew it would take so many tries to get a decent picture of us??

Super Bowl Fun

Greg's friend, Pete, came over for the Super Bowl. The boys then had a 2 v 2 game of basketball - Greg and Pete against Jacob and Grant. The "little" guys won, but I think the big guys went easy on them. Either way - they had a ton of fun!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mother-Son Dance (The Repeat)

We went last year! I was done. That said, when I picked Grant up from school he reminded me that tonight was the Mother-Son dance. I reminded him that Jacob had a foreign language skit and we would be at that. He instantly broke into tears. I couldn't stand it, so I made it happen. This (9:28pm) is the first time I have really sat down since I left for work this morning. But it was so fun, and cute, and sweet and hilarious!! This kid is a total trip! Tore up the dance floor. Love him so much!!