Thursday, June 22, 2017

Heritage Meadows Rocks the Block

Our small group at church was challenged by the church to get to know our neighbors. As such, the church gave us $100 to throw a block party. Well, of course that wasn't enough, but it was a total "fishes and loaves" story. We started by talking about it with our small group. Then we posted on our neighborhood facebook page about getting to know our neighbors by throwing a block party. Then it just blew up!! Everyone wanted in. We had a theme (80s/Living on a Prayer) complete with a costume contest, a band, a company that donated porta potties, fireworks, water balloon fights/tosses, cornhole tournament, LOTS of food, and a ton of fun!!We got to know a bunch of our neighbors through this fun event!!

Grace Get a Boyfriend

I knew it would eventually happen. I just didn't want it to. This boy had asked Grace out repeatedly throughout the year, and I think she finally succumbed because her friend also had a boyfriend. Because she then came to me and asked if the 4 of them could go to the movies. My response was "Of course you can all go to the movies. You and him, her and her boyfriend. You can all come over here and sit on the couch with me and watch a movie. It will be lots of fun. I can eve make popcorn." To which Grace replied that that was NOT what she meant. Well.....that's about ALL that will happen. So we cautiously navigated those 6 days together, when she finally realized that having a "boyfriend" was not all it was cracked up to be. So she broke up with him.....Whew!!

Grant Goes to Greenfield Village

Grant's 3rd Grade Wax Museum Box

Each of my kids have had to do this wax museum project in third grade. The get a state or city (depending on the year) and have to do a report and create a box that they sit in and give their report when people approach the box. They also have to rig up a bell of some sort to let them know that there is someone waiting.The choice of state or city is random, drawn from a bucket without looking.  Jacob and Grace had to do states. Jacob picked Arizona. When it was Grace's turn, she also picked Arizona. She immediately told the teacher that she did not want to do the same one as Jacob, and she re-drew. She got Louisiana. By the time Jadyn was in third grade, the project turned from states to cities in Michigan. Jadyn drew Ann Arbor (UGH). Imagine the surprise of the teacher (all 4 kids had the same 3rd grade teacher) when Grant drew Ann Arbor!! And there was no way he was giving it up. He is a Michigan fan for sure. He decided to use a fidget spinner as his "bell", so his box was definitely the hit of the room. So here is his box....

Just a Day in the Life.....

Grace Gets Her Braces Off