Saturday, November 19, 2011

Soup Kitchen

This afternoon/evening, Greg and I took Jacob and Grace to a soup kitchen to volunteer our time. We did so much, and yet it felt like we hardly did anything - we had such a good time doing it! Here is a list of some of the things we did:
-Set up chairs
-Stocked cups with napkins, salt and pepper
-Made lasagna
-Bagged fresh produce
-Bagged onions
-Sorted desserts
-Served food
-Did dishes
-Chopped 100 lbs of carrots
-Swept floors

I know I have forgotten some things, but it was so awesome to see my kiddos working hard, serving others AND having fun all at the same time. They never really complained - I say "never really" because nearing the end Grace wanted to leave the kitchen, where she was serving dinner with me, and go out to the other line and help Jacob with the desserts (oh.....he was in his glory!). So the complaining was really non-existent and that made me so proud. They were the only kids there and they did an awesome job of keeping up with everyone. They never complained about being tired and, in fact, they did a fabulous job of asking what they could do next. The other thing that really impressed me was how they interacted with the other adults there. They talked with them like they knew them already - joked and everything. It was a great time and I am so glad we were able to do it. Next time, we will take a few more kiddos.

Santa is Dead

I am shocked that I did not post earlier when Jacob gave up on Santa. It was only about a month or 2 back (October 19, to be exact - just checked Facebook). His discussion with me was brought on by his really extreme and unrealistic expectations for CHRISTmas presents. It was fairly simple and he said he kind of already knew. So back to the initial reason for THIS post.....Grace knows now too. She started talking to me about it because she and her new BFF were talking at school about Santa and her friend (Emma) told her she did not believe in Santa because he was magical and that was from the devil. Grace told me that she did not believe because the only person that has THAT kind of power is God. So Santa couldn't be real. Then she reasoned that if a thunderstorm could wake her up in the middle of the night, why couldn't she hear the sleigh and reindeer and Santa's footsteps on the roof? So I filled her in. Then she was horrified - we just HAD to tell the other kids. We could not let them believe this lie. (Of course, she is absolutely right) But I had to tell her that we had to keep it a secret for the little kids. She looked me in the eye, tears in hers, and said "Jacob is NOT a little kid, Mom." Then I had to tell her that he already knew the truth. She was shocked! Then as she continued to weep through this (I think she was afraid to not believe, or maybe afraid to believe, I am not sure, but I know she was afraid) she started to think about the present side.
G: "So, you buy all those things we get for CHRISTmas?"
M: "Uh-huh."
G: "So, you just go out in the middle of the night and leave us here alone while you shop?"
M: "No. I...."
G: (interrupting) "That's what you do when you shop all the time?!?"
M: (smiles)
G: "So, you already have some of MY presents bought?"
M: (winks)
G: "Mom, I don't want any presents for CHRISTmas. Besides, I already have the only present that really matters anyway."

That was one of my most proud moments as a momma. She KNOWS the truth.....she always has! Praise the LORD!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week of November 6, 2011

There is a turkey farm near our house and I was telling the kids on the way to school about how they are fattening the turkeys up for Thanksgiving dinner. On the way back, as we drove by again, Grant asked me if "those were the chickens the kids would eat." I said that yes, they were the "turkeys" that people would eat. Then he asked me, "Who gets the head?" Stunned would have described me. What ever would cause him to think of that?

Later we were going to Grandma H's for a visit. I was explaining that Grandma would really appreciate a hug and a kiss. Grandmas REALLY like that kind of thing, you know. He said to me, "Hugging and kissing Grandma is.....ick." Silly boy. Despite how he felt, he was such a good boy on that trip and he loved Grandma up very much. I think she might have even had fun with us. We went to the bank, the gas station, out to lunch with Sue, to the bakery, to the doctor, to the Secretary of State, to the drug store and to the grocery store. We had a very full day. Thankfully, my children (Grant and Grandma) both behaved. I look forward to our next visit.

Last night we were on our way home from a birthday party and there was an accident. Right away Jadyn said, "Mom, we NEED to pray for those people." 5 years old! I love that she has a heart for others and even more, Jesus! On the heels of that, at Sunday school this morning we were talking about what has helped shape our faith and how we respond to trials. I explained to the class that seeing how my Grandma B. was and then how my mom sat at my Grandma's feet when BT died, and how they both gave that situation (that they could not control) over to the ONLY ONE who could do anything (our LORD GOD). To see their faith enacted like that was HUGE in developing my faith. But to speak that out loud and then think of it in context of Jadyn's comment last night, made me realize how important my job is as mom in developing and strengthening my children's faith. Can I do it for them? Absolutely not - because if I could I would. But I can certainly model it for them. And be there to support them in their trials. Be the Good LORD willing, I will!!!

The teeth are back....well maybe the build-up is back. We had a night of extreme hysteria tonight as I brushed Grace's teeth. The plaque is really building up on her bottom teeth and I have been allowing her to brush her own teeth because she promised me that she would do a good job. See? This is the EXACT reason I will not get a dog. A promise only lasts a couple of days. So, we are back to me brushing EVERYONE's teeth (well, not Greg's). Super.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Tom's Back - YAY!!!!!

Tom took a tour of duty to Texas for the past 8 or so months. I think he had a pretty good time there, but we are so glad to have our TOM back. We missed him and are happy he is safely home!!!!

Halloween at School (2011)

Trick or Treating (2011)

This year we trick-or-treated with our new friends, the Nadeaus. We had a great time and the kids all love each other. What a blessing they are to our family!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween (2011)

This is how I took the kids to school on Halloween. It was intended to embarrass Jacob, but ended up with him introducing me to his teacher as his attorney. It was definitely a success. I fooled many people, including my cousin, who wondered who "the dude was with Michelle's kids." Her son told her it was me and she did not believe it. I guess I made a good man.

Pumpkin Carving (2011)

This year only Jadyn and Grant carved pumpkins. Jadyn loved it. Grant hated it, especially when I shoved his hand into the guts.