Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I have a lot of stuff to post but THIS takes center stage. WOW!

If you have ever read any of my posts, you know that Jacob has ALWAYS had to fight adversity in sports. As his mother, of course, I believe it is because he has talent, coaches realize it but he is a threat to their son's spot, so they treat him unfairly. Every time. Every. Time. Fast forward to Freshman year. "Dad ball" should be over, right? Nope. A dad made his way onto the team as assistant coach - which mean he decides who plays - when and where. And of course, said dad has not just one kid, but TWO. I'm not sure why this was allowed to happen, but nevertheless it did. This is what is, so we forge ahead. Except for ahead was a sprained hip flexor for Jacob. So from the very first day of basketball he was handicapped. He went to every practice, sat at every game and did whatever he could. He went through 6 weeks of rest and physical therapy and chomped at the bit every minute because all he wanted to do was play. He finally got the clearance to come back, but has been "hindered" at each of the games he has played in. As such, his head is NOT in the game. Every time I have watched him play it has been like he is confused, in a fog and terrified to make a mistake. After today's game, I could contain myself no longer. I told him how bad it was and reminded him that it was not because he was a bad player that it stunk, but rather because he let other people get in his head. This is now a mental game. He knows he has to overcome 6 weeks of being behind. But more than that, he has to overcome what people who should be coaching him have done to him mentally. Thing is.....this kid is tough. He is going to do it - there is no doubt. Know why I know beyond a shadow of a doubt? Because he came home, and was gone for a bit, then came up to me and said "I know how we can fix this. If you see me lacking in effort, or see that I need to pick it up....just yell 3-2-3." I said ok, waited a minute and then asked if he wanted to tell me what it meant. He replied "No, but I'm sure you can figure it out." I had an idea, but snuck off to verify it. This kid is something else, and I know that through all this "crap" God is working something great out of Jacob. Jacob knows where his help comes from. He knows where his strength comes from. And most importantly, he knows Who he is working for.

 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, Colossians 3:23
This is what it is about. I want my kids to be successful in everything they do. But the ONLY thing that is truly important - loving and serving God - this humbles me. This makes every bit of pain worth it. Jacob is truly a young man of God. And for that I am eternally grateful. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Boss CHRISTmas/New Year's Eve/New Year's Day

The Heart Saga Continues.....

When we last left you.....Grandpa was awaiting an appointment for a heart cath. Today was the day. Poor mom was working, which meant I got to get up early (for the 2nd time) to take dad back to the hospital. The good news was that there was a nice recliner for me to sit in while we were waiting. Too bad I had to sit in a regular chair while he was in the procedure, but it worked out well because mom showed up right before the procedure so we could play cards while we waited. That, and she could see dad before he went in. The procedure was relatively quick, which caused mom and I some concern because we knew that if they found an issue, they were planning to correct it right then. So if it was this quick, it meant they didn't find a problem, and what the heck was causing him to pass out? We found out quickly. At some point (and no one knew when) he had had a heart attack. He had 2 blocked arteries and the heart muscle of the left ventricle was damaged, if not dead. Oh. That's it? That was slightly more than we were expecting. He had to lay completely flat for 4 hours immediately after the procedure to allow the artery they poked to clot - and all he could think about was eating. Interesting how when you aren't allowed to eat.....all you think about is eating. Kind of like being on a diet, huh? But I'm digressing. Back to the 4 hours.....good thing I had that nice recliner again. When it got nearer to the end of the 4 hours, I was kind of getting worried because I knew mom had to go home to bed (she had to work that night) and I did not like the idea of dad tending to himself, when one wrong move could make him bleed out. Imagine my thankfulness when the nurse came in and said they were recommending he stay because he needed further testing to see what they were going to do with his heart. He, of course, hated the idea, but I loved it. And it was settled. He was staying. I said I would stay with him until he got moved to his room, so mom could go home to bed. This was 4:00pm, and we arrive at the cath lab at 6:45am. And by this time, dad was able to eat and wanted to order dinner, but the nurse said that he should wait until he got to his room because the menu selection was bigger and better. So he was interested in waiting. Unfortunately, we didn't get into his room until near 8:00pm - so he was totally starving. Good thing I was there because eating was the ONLY thing he was thinking about. I had to listen to everything else. Mom's cousin, Jenny, was on top of everything. She was in constant contact with the doctors, the nurse manager on dad's floor and with us. She knew everything that was going on and kept us more than informed. She made an awful event an amazing thing and we will forever be more than grateful for all her help. Dad ended up staying 2 nights in the hospital, and since we were planning to go up north for New Year's Eve to celebrate CHRISTmas, up north had to come to us. They were even making plans for where we could celebrate if he had to stay longer in the hospital. Thankfully he did not. The kids enjoyed seeing Grandpa get a shot (well....except for Grace and Seth.....every family needs it's softies). When he finally went home, he had a special "life vest" that he has to wear for the next 3 months, then he will most likely get a pacemaker/defibrillator. While in the hospital, he was the typical character that he is. Joking and making the most out of a cruddy situation. Always smiling. Always kidding around. Sometimes even when it was inappropriate. But...well....that's him. And of course on go home day, when Jacob and Spencer were at home waiting for him and Grandma, they called and asked them to pick up BWWs on their way home. WHAT?!?!?! In typical Grandpa and Grandma fashion - THEY DID. Dang kids. Spoiled.