Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ahhhhhhhh....and some updates

I love it when my kids are excited about God's word! Tonight, as we were listening to Dan & Louie (if you don't know them and have kids - you HAVE to check them out), I watched Grace sit and "journal". Actually, she was just scribbling in a diary she has, but she was very intent on what she was doing. Afterward, she told me that she did "some study of the Bible". Then she also told me that she loves to "study the Bible" and "loves to listen when Jacob reads the Bible". Oh, how that does a mother's heart good to hear her child speak so lovingly about the precious (yes, Beth Moore fans, PRECIOUS) Word of God!

So....Grant ALMOST looks like he is ready to *scooch*...maybe. We'll keep working. Jadyn is bumped and bruised...nothing new there. She is, by far, the most clumsy of my precious bundles of joy. If there is concrete, she is destined to fall on it and be scraped. If there is something to trip over, she will trip over it. But she is cute, what with carrying her own purse now. She took one of my purses and claimed it for herself. It is almost as big as she is! And Jacob....he stabbed himself in the hand with a pencil at school today. So, come bedtime, he needed "something soft" for his hand. Something that, when he layed his hand on the bed, would cushion the big hole in his hand. On top of the band-aid, we wrapped an Ace bandage around his hand. After that, he wanted to put one of my weight-lifting gloves over it. I told him that was overkill. He relented.

Our house is still for sale. If anyone knows of someone who would love a beautiful, 4-bedroom, 2.5 bath house in a sub with great neighbors...tell them to contact me ASAP.

That's it for now. No....it's not. I just need to say again...God is so good. Sometimes I let the cares of *this* world carry me away. Instead of resting in the loving arms of my AMAZING Lord and Savior. I am REALLY trying to give ALL my cares to Him, to not forget that I am to live my life as it is and not stay in this state of *PAUSE*, where I have been hanging out lately. That is my new plan. Pray for me, if you think about it. Thanks!

Monday, April 27, 2009

JULIE - This One's For You

And this is only kindergarten.....can you imagine where her doodling abilities will be when she is 33, going on 34?

She (Grace) told me tonight that when she grows up she is either going to be "someone who studies the Bible or an artist". I told her she could be BOTH!!!

Jacob told me he wants to be "someone who makes money and keeps it". That's my Jacob! BTW....he performed the first random act of kindness (that I can remember) tonight. We were eating dinner and all of a sudden all 4 kids at the table (we had a neighbor over) pushed their plates and silverware aside and RAN out the door...all before I could actually get what was happening. But they knew. Trained already. Summer MUST be getting close...the ice cream truck was here! They all, no joke ~ simultaneously, jumped up and ran out. If it wasn't so funny I would have been mad....but I have digressed...back to Jacob's RAK. They needed money, so Jacob went to my purse (where his money was being safely kept) and took out the $3 he had. He was willing to give up HIS money for his sisters. I WAS SO PROUD!!!! And I told him so. But, while he was thinking of himself, he (finally) thought of his sisters too. We are on our way now!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Muscle Man

Last night I went into the boys room to get a crying Grant out of the room before he woke up Jacob (who I assumed was sleeping). As I picked up Grant, I turned around and saw Jacob lying in his bed. Was he sleeping? No. He was lying there lifting some 3lb weights. Doing some overhead presses. I'm sure he would be mad to hear me say this but it was the darn cutest thing I've seen in awhile. Just pumping some iron....from my bed....getting strong, Mom, really. I love that boy so much. I wish I had a picture of it to show you. You'd be smiling right now, too.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We, The Morons....Oh, I Mean People

So I watched the YouTube video of Miss California's answer to Perez Hilton's ridiculous question on the Miss USA competition and then I watched a bunch of other videos on it, including PH talking about it and then read some comments made by a bunch of other (unfortunately) really ignorant people. One moron even went so far as to comment that marriage of one man and one woman is OBSOLETE. Are you freaking kidding me? OBSOLETE? And then.....how do we continue to exist as a species - you know....humans. If you have 2 guys.....you can't get an egg and if you have 2 girls..you can't get the sperm. Come on. Think for even a millisecond....get your heads out of the mud puddle and realize how STUPID that is (and sounds). OBSOLETE? Seriously.

Has the entire world turned STUPID? We might as well just cease to exist as a species anyway....the world would probably be better off.

I Can't Keep It a Secret Anymore

So we got an offer to lease our house this past Sunday. We (and by we, I mean me) freaked out..called everyone I could think of that may be able to give us advice on this type of situation....freaked out some more...then prayed. What a dummy I am! Why not pray first, you ask? Yeah, me too! Why do I always do what I am not supposed to do, and not do what I am supposed to do? Do I sound like someone? OK - I was trying to...but the the message is so true...DON'T BE A DUMMY!!!! Anyway, I prayed that God would "slam the door shut if this was the wrong thing...even if my toes were in the door." So, when we told them their offer wasn't going to work, they said "sorry" and hung up on our realtor. If that is not an IMMEDIATE answer to my EXACT prayer, I don't know what is.

GOD IS SO AMAZINGLY GREAT!!!! Even when He does NOT immediately answer prayers. Even if He NEVER answers the prayer.

I know I have to keep trusting Him. I know I have to stop wallowing in self-pity and doubt. I know all this. I know I know it! So why am I not doing it?

LET GO OF IT, MICHELLE. Let God carry this burden that is too heavy for you! LET GO!!! His yoke is easy and His burden is light (RIGHT, GIRLS???)

Praise you, Lord!!!! Praise You!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Jacob's Actual 7th Birthday (4/20/09)

Cole, Jacob, Brett, and Drew

Tearing into the gifts!

Checking out the new Pokemon cards....

I picked them up from school and we came home and had pizza and cake. Then Jacob tore through his presents so that they could go downstairs and play soccer. Then we went to see *Monsters vs. Aliens* and thank goodness for my brave cousin Becky who came along with me. After the movie, they all wanted to come back and play soccer again, but sadly, I had to tell them the "party was over". Guess what? They made a plan to come back over tomorrow. Sounds good to me.

Jacob's 7th Birthday Party (with family)

The boy and his cake

The Cake - Snorlax (a Pokemon) was imported, yes imported, from Indiana. Greg picked it up on his "way through"

There is the smile I love - when I see it I think of that commerical for the cruise line where the mom goes in search of the daughter's smile...yeah, it's kind of like that

Who doesn't love blue frosting?

And on the 10 month old, of course

We had the family here and *PTL* the rain held off long enough for Jacob to try out his new bike and scooter!! It was a good day.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Soccer Anyone?

Soccer season has officially begun! Now, let me give you some background information. None of us (and this includes Jacob) actually knows HOW the game is played. We all know that you need to KICK the ball into the goal. And kicking the ball is something Jacob can do quite well. Handling the ball.....well that is something he is learning.

Here is my soccer star!

And here he is in action!

And, for the record, my superstar soccer guy made the FIRST goal of the entire season!! We are so proud! (Good thing he has such GREAT teammates - GO BULLS!!!!)

Friday, April 17, 2009

For the Love of Pete

So we (the whole family) were hanging out tonight and we happened to turn on the TV. And what should appear but something that looked like a "Star Wars" movie, what with the words scrolling on a starry night screen. We weren't really reading it but then cartoons came on and they looked like "Star Wars" characters. The first line out of a mouth said (and I quote): 'Looks like we're being boarded from the rear' - what in the heck is this crap? Well, it ended up being *The Family Guy* show. I was so freaking mad..I left family time and went straight to the computer, where I was going to send an email to TBS regarding this. Unfortunately, they have NO PLACE to send them an email. Go figure.

As I was sitting in the den, trying to find a way to send an email I heard my family talking about me in the other room. Greg asked where I was. Grace said "I think she is praying." I love that this is what she thought I was doing. Secretly I was praying that the people at TBS would fall off the planet and the people who created that not-so-family guy would instantly burst into flames. Ok - so that is not exactly what I was praying for, but when I heard Grace say that she THOUGHT I was praying, it occurred to me that I SHOULD pray. So I did. Leave it to good old Grace to, YET AGAIN, remind me of what I should do.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yes, Mom

We went out to dinner tonight with a neighbor and her kids. My kids know how they are supposed to behave in a restaurant and yet, somehow, tonight that knowledge slipped their memories. They thought if other kids can act this way, so can we. Much to their surprise, Mom didn't agree. So when we got in the van, I stepped up onto my soapbox and proceeded to lecture on the proper restaurant behavior.

As I was tirading, I kept hearing Jadyn. In response to everything I was saying, she was saying, "mmm hmm, mmm hmm, OK Mom, mmm hmm, yes Mom, mmm hmm". No joke - from my 2 year old. I think she was trying to get my goat.

It didn't work. I couldn't help but laugh.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Was that 911 or 991?

Grace had a friend over this afternoon. While we were all downstairs playing hockey and soccer, her mom called. I didn't get to the phone in time, so I had to call her back. I started dialing and then realized that I dialed the number incorrectly. I quickly hung up and dialed the correct number. Shortly after I spoke to the mom, my phone rang. I stopped playing soccer to get the phone - it was 911 calling me back. Here is the conversation:

Me: (out of breath from playing soccer) Hello?
911: We received a hang up call from this number.
Me: (still out of breath) Yes, I know. I was trying to call my neighbor and her number starts with 991 and I dialed 911 on accident.
911: Are you OK?
Me: Yes, it was an accident.
911: You are saying that your neighbor's prefix is 991?
Me: Yes, that is correct.
911: Are you sure you are ok?
Me: Yes, I am fine.
911: What is your name?
Me: Michelle
911: And you are OK?
Me: Yes, it was an accident.
yadda yadda yadda....

So I was explaining to my kids that I made this mistake and was hoping that the police did not actually show up.

Grace: The police are coming here? (fear on her face)
Me: No, I don't think so.
Grace: WHY would they come here?
Me: They probably won't come, but sometimes they come when they think someone is in trouble.
Grace: But we're not in trouble. (crying) Mom, I don't want them to take you away. I don't want them to come here! What are we going to do? We need you here, Mom!

Interesting night.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Most Unlikely Character

Funny, isn't it? I mean, the way God uses the most unlikely of people to do His work.

Greg called me this morning and was talking to me about how hard it is to be away and how he doesn't understand when people are "excited" about being away from their spouse. He misses my cold feet on him when I come to bed and praying with me in the morning.

When Greg walked into work this morning, one of the guys who works there said, "He is Risen", to which Greg replied, "Yes, He is Risen indeed". Praise the Lord for a Christian man in Greg's workplace! The conversation continued with this gentleman quoting the following scripture:

"Do not be anxious about anything, but by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus." Phillippians 4:6-7

The man told Greg to read that today. Greg asked him why and the man said that he remembered seeing Greg's family when we were there and he thought Greg would need a little encouragement. Isn't God good?

Oh yeah, the reason for the *unlikely* part. This guy looks like he could be on tour with ZZ Top. I love when scripture flows from the mouths of unlikely (looking) people like this. I love this man for his love of Jesus!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sleep anyone??

Do I have to say anymore? I mean....come on. They are SO freaking cute!

Some photos of the *Bloomington* trip

Miller Park ~ a super park!

Miller Park Zoo sea lions

The *staircase* at Greg's apartment

The view from Greg's apartment window ~ notice the Indian fellow on the cell phone. That is where they stand and talk on the phone. Grace whispered to me that "there are a lot of black people in Illinois". I laughed so hard because she meant dark-skinned and where she saw them was at Greg's apartment. Almost all of the people that live there are Eastern-Indian. It was such an innocent observation ~ she is so sweet.

My kids playing together. That was the nicest thing ~ no toys or friends, so they HAD to play together.

The *fam* under the wind turbine.

A wind turbine. There were 1oo's of them dotting the horizon. They were HUGE and not at all as loud as people say they are.

Jacob at Chuck E. Cheese ~ giddee-up!

Grant enjoying some Chuck E. Cheese fun.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So...we have spent the last 4 days in Greg's 400 square foot apartment. Yes, you heard me correctly - 400 sq feet!

We had a beautiful day Saturday - 62 and sunny. We went to the park and the zoo and hung out outside, looked at some houses, went to another park....it was great! Sunday we checked out a Bible church in the area...we will see. Then we looked at another house on 1.5 acres...5 bedrooms, 4 baths and a corn crib! Oh yeah baby! Anyway....then we went to Chuck E Cheese (with everyone else who has a child in Bloomington). Fun, yet expensive...but the kids enjoyed it. When we walked outside it was a monsoon. So home we came to nap and watch movies. I took a 2 hour nap through a thunderstorm - how dreamy!

Unfortunately, the rain then turned to snow for the first day that I was here and Greg had to go back to work. Great. The kids and I in the 400 sq ft apartment and snow outside. So we journeyed to the mall, where they asked for everything, I gave them nothing and all was fine. Actually, I did buy them a cookie from Mrs. Fields and some sunglasses (but to them that was really nothing - how rude!) I did get my eyebrows *threaded* by an Asian lady in the middle of the mall and her husband (?) gave me a 10 minute massage. All in all, it was fine for me.

Lunched at Popeyes always wanted to try it - won't ever go back) and dinnered at Lonestar (where thanks to Greg's amazing negotiating skills - the kids all ate free - even though kids night is Tues not Mon ~ GO GREG!) After lunch we came back for some napping. While 2 napped, I had to entertain the other 2. I didn't want them to watch TV all day so we decided to play hide-n-seek. Not an easy feat in this small of a space! But it was actually fun. They are small enough to hide in the cupboards, so we exhausted each one and then some.

Then at 8 pm (9 pm hometime) Greg took Jacob and Grace bowling - come on....they came back wired. Then Grace threw up. Then we went to bed. Next morning - MORE hide-n-seek! Can you believe it? I think we have a winner here! Jadyn even let me hide her on top of the stackable washer and dryer - with the door closed! She would have stumped Jacob if she could have only kept her mouth shut. Yeah, right. Jadyn even took her goldfish snack into the cupboard to

As I type, I still need to dry my hair and am looking through a thick cloud of smoke (from the sausage I cooked, OK burned) waiting for Greg to get home. Won't he be proud that I am already packed? Hopefully he doesn't take it the wrong way.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh How I Wish It Were An April Fool's Joke!

So I got up this morning and put my jeans on backwards (no easy feat for sure) and put on one of Greg's shirts backwards. I put my hair in some funky ponytails and went to get my kids ready for school. Grace (as expected) thought it was funny. Jacob, on the other hand, looked at me and said "Go change. You can't wear THAT outside." I mean come on...it's April Fool's Day - aren't I supposed to play the part of a fool? I should also add that all the kids laid out their clothes for today last night. Grace (and Jadyn because she copies EVERYTHING Grace does) had jeans, a PJ top, a bathing suit to wear over her pants and top, mismatched socks and shoes. Jacob was going to wear his soccer shirt and shorts OVER his clothes. When it came time to get dressed Jacob decided he would just wear jeans and a sweatshirt (and be normal).

Then....as we were walking to the bus stop, Jacob came running back to me (I was at the back of the line) and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I asked him what that was for. He said "That's it. Don't kiss me at the bus stop." Huh???? What happened to my BABY??? Ok, yes he is going to be 7 in 19 days, but still....you have to kiss your mom at the bus stop, don't you???

How sad that was for me. I am officially embarrassing. I never thought it would happen.

Later this afternoon, I was cleaning and decided to throw away this red velvet candy box with gold foil dividers in it that Grandpa brought over for Grace to "put her jewelty in". When Jadyn woke up from her nap, she went to the kitchen (as usual) and happened to peek into the garbage (also as usual - not sure what she is looking for but she looks). When she saw the box in the garbage she said "Me sister box" [translation: my sister's box] "No garby don't ever ever me Gracie box" [translation: don't EVER throw my Grace's box in the garbage EVER] Yes...2 ever's. As if Jacob wasn't enough of a junk collector for our family, we had to add Jadyn to the list. Maybe they are just trying to save me money? You think? Me either.