Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Going Home

On the heels of the CHRISTmas at Shanty Creek, the big kids (Jacob and Grace) got to go with Grandpa and Grandma for a night at the casino. Actually, Grace went to Krystel's house and Jacob and Spencer went with Grandpa and Grandma. Jadyn and Grant were not entirely happy about that. So we stopped at Bronners on the way home. Little did we know that we would literally be pushed into seeing Santa. The lady at the front door pushed us into the line, so we went with it. As we got closer, Jadyn really started to get nervous. Grant was just excited to tell Santa that he wanted a hoverboard. When it was our turn, each kid went separately. When Santa talked to Jadyn, he had 4 things to say to her:
1. She likes sparkly clother - in whichcolor? Blue, she said.
2. She likes jewelry.
3. She has been reading a lot of books lately.
4. (That he got right from his heart - he pointed to it) She has been doing a lot of writing and drawing.

Imagine her surprise (and mine and Greg's too) because he was SPOT ON. Then to make the evening even better, Greg succumbed to the pressure to get an Elf on the Shelf. We have a new family friend named Chipy. Jadyn and Grant were more excited than I have seen them in a long time. So weird. It definitely helped that I found $10 on the floor.

Boss CHRISTmas

Our Boss CHRISTmas was spent in Bellaire, MI at a beautiful log home (AKA "the mansion" by the kids) at Shanty Creek. We sledded, snowboarded and rolled in the snow in our bathing suits on the first day, then the rain came and we had to do indoor games. We swam, both indoors and out. We played some fun homemade games that got EVERYONE involved. We watched movies in the theater room and played LOTS of euchre. We played water pong and Santa even came to visit! It was a CHRISTmas that we will not soon forget.