Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jadyn and the Trooper

I was just scrolling through my recent posts, and I noticed the picture of the smashed golf cart. A couple of days ago my dad had the state police at his house because someone stole his truck. While the trooper was there, he and Grandpa got to talking about the grandkids (like Grandpa always does), and Grandpa mentioned to the trooper that Jadyn recently crashed the golf cart. Then they called her out. The trooper was standing in the driveway when she walked out. He walked up to her and said, "You must be Jadyn." The look on her face was one of complete shock! She was amazed that he knew her name. Then he seriously asked her what happened to the golf cart. She promptly proceeded to rattle off the story like it was nobody's business. She was not one bit afraid. She was almost a little too bold for me. Of course, she blamed it all on grandpa too. While she was talking, the trooper was writing. I told Jadyn he was writing her a ticket. He quickly corrected me and said he wouldn't give a ticket to her. Just run with that with it.

Another Life Lesson

Today my babies learned how to snorkel. All of them were either nervous or frustrated with it, but in the end they all succeeded! They are blessed with a GREAT grandpa! Thanks BLB!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Proper Sleeping Arrangements

Last night, Jacob's friend, Foster, spent the night. The boys decided to sleep in the family room. As they were getting ready to go to bed, I heard Jacob ask Grace if she wanted to sleep down there with them. Imagine my surprise at hearing him ask such a nice thing to his sister. Imagine the rest of my surprise at her answer. She said, "I don't think that is appropriate. I don't think mom wants girls sleeping with boys." You are so right, darling Grace! You are so right! But she was recalling what I had said the night before when Grace and her friend Mallory and Jadyn and her friend Skylee wanted to sleep in the basement with the 8 boys. I explained to them that that was inappropriate. I am so proud of my kiddos for listening to me. And for putting what I say into practice. I am a blessed momma!

Just Another Sleepover

After Jacob's baseball game on Wednesday, I invited the whole team over to spend the night. Poor Greg who had to go to sleep the next morning. So Grace had a friend, Jadyn had a friend, Jacob had 6 friends, and Grant had everyone. After some whiffle ball outside, and a bunch of junk food, they were surprisingly ready for bad around midnight. I guess the baseball tournament the weekend before and the game that day and the game before might have had something to do with it. After a breakfast of 3 dozen donuts and 50 pancakes (that they didn't touch because the donuts were a plenty), we headed over to the pool where we spent the rest of the day. There they swam, played more whiffle ball and played "cops and robbers" in the woods with the lino, golf carts and the go-cart. I think they had a GREAT day! I love that we can do these kind of things.

Grant, the Babysitter

Thursday we got to babysit Grant's (and Jadyn's) kindergarten teacher's 6 month old baby, Chase. He is such a cutie and we were so blessed that Mrs. Howe would share him with us! While I was changing Chase's diaper, he peed all over me. Apparently it has been a while since I changed a diaper. Then I fed him. After I burped him, we played on the floor. Grant was VERY concerned that Chase was going to throw up. While I was playing Grant went to the tupperware cupboard and got a small green bowl. (Let me give some background here.....We have some large green bowls for which the sole purpose is to be used for barfing) So Grant was being the responsible babysitter and got the "baby barf bowl" for Chase. He definitely has a future in babysitting!

Doctor's Visit

Wednesday I took the boys to the doctor for their annual checkup. As has been the case the last couple of times, Jacob's friend Noah was with us. We had lot of fun making fun of Jacob and Grant in their "paper dresses". But the best moment was when the nurse was asking Jacob some questions. The best question was: "Are you sexually active?" To which Jacob replied, "What's that?" The nurse said, "I'll mark that as no." Well I guess so! That seems like an inappropriate question to ask a 12 year old, but I am definitely happy with his response.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thunder Rumble into Boyne!

Our Thunder Boys took 2nd place in the tournament in Boyne this past weekend. We had a great time hanging out with our team family, and then getting to hang with my own family. Krystel and Steve watched Grace, Jadyn and Grant for me. Then Krystel and Steve and kids and Scott and Katie and kids all came to the condo for swimming and spaghetti. I was totally stressed, but since I have a great family and great friends, everything worked out perfectly! What a great trip!!

A Legend Retires

Holly McCarthy, or "Miss Holly" as she is known, is retiring this year. It is a very sad occasion for Creekside Elementary and my family. She has been the main secretary at Creekside since my kiddos started going to school. She made my transition to kindergarten the easiest ever. She knew my kid's name and my name even before he started school. The most interesting part of that is it wasn't just limited to me. She knew everything about everyone. Truly amazing. She had a way, very similar to Grandma Boss, of making each person feel as if they were the most important person in the room at any given time. She definitely leaves behind HUGE shoes (literally too) and leaves a legacy that will always be remembered. Thanks Miss Holly for all you have done - for me, my kiddos and our town in general. You are a treasure!

Grant's 6th Birthday (and other Pawlak June birthdays)

We celebrated Grant's birthday, along with all the other Pawlak June birthdays, on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Grant, Reid, Papa and Mimi were all celebrated!