Saturday, March 21, 2015

Jacob's Basketball Team - Post Playoffs!

Jacob's games today consisted of a win with 12 points, a loss with 14 points and a loss with 24 points. Despite the losses, he had a great day and his team was AMAZING!!!! I was so proud of these boys! What a fabulous team!

Grant's Leprechaun Trap

Grant set a "Leprechaun Trap" on St. Patrick's Day. He hounded and hounded and hounded me, until I helped him. It was his plan - I only helped create the steps to get the leprechaun up into the trap. Unfortunately, he did not catch the leprechaun, but he did get some "gold"!!

Grant Plays Basketball for Grandma Harding

Grant's basketball team had a "PINK OUT", where they got to wear the name of someone the love that is fighting cancer. He chose on his own who he would play for. He chose Grandma Harding. I was so proud of him. At his young age, to recognize that Grandma Harding has cancer and that he should pick her to play for. He did great.....and was super cute, to boot. Unfortunately, I had a volleyball tournament on that day. By God's perfect plan, we (the coaches wife and I - who both have kids that played on the team and both were playing in the tournament) were on a break in our tournament when the kids game was being played. So, we were able to see the WHOLE thing!!! Love that!


Jadyn's Trip to the State Capitol

I was fortunate to be able to go on a field trip with Jadyn to our state capitol. It was a great trip, with a sweet girl. I am thankful to have a great job, that allows me to be able to go on these. 

Tam and Her Kids Visit

Winter Jam

The girls and I went to Winter Jam. We went with our friends, who are friends with one of the guys in one of the bands. So we HAD close seats. We put our coats down in our seats, and went to eat dinner. When we returned, some very nice (not) people had moved all of our stuff and taken our seats. Nice. At a Christian concert. Nice people. Because we were "guests" of the band, we did not have tickets. Because we did not have tickets, we could not "claim" our seats. Needless to say, we ended up on the VERY TIPPY TOP......which we were mad about at first, but then when we realized that we had more space than anyone else in the building, we were OK and hoped the "lady in the blue shirt" enjoyed our seats at the concert.