Friday, November 6, 2015

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Family Pics - Anadalai's turn

Family Pics - my turn

Jacob at the Catholic Church

The day after Halloween was Sunday. Jacob stayed at a friend's house overnight and was going to church with him - Catholic church. Jacob had never been to a Catholic service before, since, obviously...we are not Catholic. As he was walking in with his friend's family, they were asked by the priest to bring the bread and wine and other things to the front. So on his first time to the church, he was bringing up the wine. He had no idea what to do with it, so he followed in his friend's steps and handed it to the priest. Then his friend elbowed him, and said he had to bow. Then Jacob took communion there. Now, he has taken communion at our church many times so he knew what he was doing. I just don't think he knew LITERALLY what it meant. First off, he had to drink out of the same cup as everyone else. ICKY. But what really threw him off balance (no pun intended) was that the "juice" was really wine! He said it was so disgusting, and he told his friend's mom that he is "NEVER, EVER going to drink wine or beer. Ever." I'm putting this here so that one day I can remind him of this. The last thing he said was that the priest sang everything. Including the announcements. Now, I'm not sure if that is total truth or teenage exaggeration, but wither way it is kinda weird.


I hate Halloween. Always have. Always will. Maybe it is the satanic pull of it. Maybe it it the costumes (and having to come up with them). Definitely it is about the money that I do not want to spend on something I don't like. However, I suffer through because my kids (like most) like it. I have offered bribes EVERY year. I will get all the candy they want, if we can just skip it altogether. So far - no luck. So.....this Halloween we were in 4, yes 4, different locations. Grace and Grant were close, but not together. Jacob went with his friend Josh. Grace went with her friends Mallory, Jake, Josh and Ben. Jadyn went with Hazel (and Greg) and Grant and I were with the Woodburys. Whew! And it rained, no poured, on all of us! Another reason to (not) love Halloween. Here are the pics, and in case it's not clear they were: Jacob - Ceiling Fan; Grace - Lily from AT&T; Jadyn - a burglar; Grant - a ghostbuster.


It is time. Time to cut the wood. Grandma Boss used to have a plaque in her house that said the following.....and I think of it (and her) everytime we cut wood.

When you cut your own wood, it warms you twice.