Friday, June 28, 2013

.....And He Continues.......

Another email from Daddy:


You sure are a special girl, you give the best hugs and you’ve earned the title of “lover girl”.  You know how to make a person feel special with the attention you give.   I just love that you have bonded so well Grace.  I know that you two will have a friendship that compares to no other.  I think you’re a great dancer and I’m thinking you’ll give Grant a run for his money in baseball next year.   Remember to always keep Jesus in your heart and don’t stop smiling, your smile makes me smile and I’m thankful for that!

Love Daddy

We are so blessed by our children. God has definitely given us the mother-lode!!!!! Thank you  LORD!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another EMail from Daddy

We received this email from Greg today:


Mature beyond your years, a girl who can gather her thoughts, articulate what’s on her mind and always keeping her Bible studies on speed dial. 

Wow, I can’t say nor do at times what you can do and your only 9 going on 10. 

I just loved that you ran a race with your mom and you didn’t even look tired.  I think we have a track and field up and coming STAR.

You’re a beautiful girl who loves Jesus and loves her family.  I trust you, we all can trust you, you even watch/take care of an infant (Sawyer).

When I’m in need of a reality check all I have to do is talk to Grace. 

Thank you for being such a good daughter, a great sister a great friend to many, Love Yo Daddy!

What a GREAT daddy!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pawlak Birthday Party

It's always fun until it turns bloody. It ended with Mikey getting a bloody nose, catching a ball thrown by Jacob. Grant, Reid, Papa and Mimi all celebrated birthdays and I think it was a pretty nice day. Lots of outside playing. We even attempted a "family picture". It was a bit windy, so let's just say, the pictures are ok. Check it out for yourself.

Baby Turns Big Boy (Grant's 5th Birthday)

Grant was counting down the days until his 5th birthday. The day before his actual birthday, Grandma and Grandpa Boss took him to the local carnival. He thought that was the greatest thing ever. And....the other kids were ticked because they wanted to go and were not allowed (because carnivals "hurt mom's heart"). On Grant's actual birthday, we went to Jacob's baseball game then went to G&G Boss's house. I made homemade spaghetti sauce because Grant asked for spaghetti for his birthday meal. After cake and presents, the kids went and swam, while the adults worked on the camper. Then we had a GREAT game of family kickball (Greg, Jadyn, Brooklyn and I versus Grandpa, Grandma, Jacob, Grace and Evelyn - Tom was all-time pitcher and Grant was all-time kicker). As I type this, we are waiting for the Pawlak family to come over to celebrate all the June birthdays, so let the celebration continue!!