Sunday, September 30, 2012

Little Teacher Jadyn

Trying hard not to laugh. Jadyn is sitting next to me, reading from the book "Dick and Jane". She keeps calling Dick - Duke. I keep telling her the boy's name is Dick. She finally told me...."I don't want to say" How does she even know that that could be a bad word? She just cracks me up. she is reading AS LOUD as she possibly can, and wants me to look at every page. Never mind that I am trying to work here. Oh well......a mother's work is NEVER done.

Working for the LORD

The kids and I just finished cleaning all the blinds in the house - each little blind piece by little blind piece. I double dog dare my kids to say they know what hard work is again. Seriously.
  I laughed when they told me that Sunday was a day of rest - "The Bible says so. It's a law.", they said. To which I replied, "It also says 'Children obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the LORD.' When you start doing that, we will address the rest." I also told them that we can make Sunday a day of rest, as long as we make the rest of the week FULL of days of work. (Don't get me wrong - I totally believe in a day of rest, to reflect on God and His glorious goodness. But I also think we can reflect while we work. And since the rest of the week was spent loafing.....well you get my picture.)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Neighbor

I met my new neighbor at curriculum night last night. She is deaf. But I was able to have a nice talk with her via an interpreter. Tonight she came to my front door and needed something. Try as I might, I was not able to figure out what she was saying. Finally she asked for a piece of paper. She drew out that she had a cabinet that was upside down and wanted to know if Greg could help her. He was at football, so I told her (to the best of my ability) that I would help. Then she turned and walked away. I tried to call after her, then realized how dumb that was. I just followed her home and we (eventually) got the cabinet rightened. Clearly, I need to brush up on my sign language. But it was nice to be able to use my brute strength for some good!!!

What's Been Going far

Jadyn - strep throat
Michelle - strep throat
Jadyn - strep throat
Michelle - poison ivy
Grace - migraine
Greg - strep throat
Krystel - baby
Krystel - blood clot/ hemorrhage
Grace - migraine

I think this about covers it. This was all over the course of just over 2 weeks. Man, we need to rest.

Sawyer Matthew

Krystel FINALLY had her baby!!! Sawyer Matthew made his arrival on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 10:29 pm. He weighed in at 9lbs even and was 21-3/4" long. He is a spitting image of Krystel and Spencer. So amazing. Although, his arrival was not without incident. He arrived safely, but within a few hours of delivery Krystel was back in for emergency surgery for a blood clot in her abdomen. The clot was the size of Sawyer's head! She required a transfusion of 5 bags of blood and was in extremely critical condition. Praise God - she is fine and getting better each day!!!!! We are more than thankful for Sawyer and his healthy arrival. But we are especially thankful for the removal of this clot and Krystel's health. Thank you LORD!!!


Grant calls Grandpa tonight.

GrandPa: Hello?
Grant: Who is this?
P: Who is this?
G: It's me.
P: Jacob?
G: No, it's me.
P: Who?
G: You know who it is. It's me.
P: Who?
G: Grant-eeeeee

Monday, September 10, 2012

Pray Mom

Jadyn was just sitting on the table next to me and she said:

"Pray Mom. We HAVE to pray. I just heard a siren."

I LOVE that she automatically goes to the LORD. He is our everything and I love that at the age of 6 she already know it. Thank you LORD! And please be with whomever is needing emergency help and those who are responding to the need, In Jesus' Precious Name.

Grant's First Day of Pre-School (2012-2013)

Grant was so excited for today! He jumped out of bed, got himself dressed and giggled all the way to school. He posed so nice for all his pictures and even when we were walking into the school, he stopped every couple of steps to let me take another picture. He put his backpack and lunch away like a champ, took out his buddies, Moo Moo and his brother, and pushed his way through the throng of kids to his teacher. She was bending over to give a tag to another child and he tapped on her bottom and waved  and said hi to her. I'm telling you it was so stinking cute. He was not scared or reserved or anything - just pure excitement. He has been waiting for ever - so he says. Since he pushed his way to the front, he got a tag right away and went into the class without even saying goodbye to me! I had to chase him in to get my kiss. I guess this is way better than the alternative! Thank you LORD for the excitement in this boy! I love him so much and pray he has a GREAT year!!!!

First Day of School (2012-2013)

Technically this was not Grant's first day of school but he was so excited I could not keep him out.
Jacob is in 5th grade, Grace is in 4th grade, Jadyn is in 1st grade and Grant is entering preschool.
I am so proud of my kids and pray for blessed school year for them!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Jadyn and I were talking about her entering first grade this year. I was reminiscing about my first grade year and told her my teacher's name. Then I told her how my teacher took me into the reading area nad asked me if I wanted to skip 2nd grade and go right to 3rd grade. Heck YES I did! My best friend was going into 3rd grade. I was going to tell Jadyn about that when she piped in with this....."You skipped 2nd grade? That's why you were a mom so fast." Oh sure - that is exactly why. Jadyn is going to make one fabulous momma one the far-off future.

Technology Gap

Grace and Grandpa were talking the other day about an ipod touch. Here is what I overheard.

Grandpa: What is an ipod touch?
Grace: It's an ipod......that you touch.

Oh....that TOTALLY cleared it up for him. Not!

Sex Education Begins

Jacob is entering 5th grade. In 5th grade, they have the first talks about sex education. Since we do not want him (or any of our kiddos) learning about sex from anyone other than us, we decided it was time to talk to Jacob. We had a nice Christian-based book on sex. We read it out loud together and then talked about specifics. When asked if he had any questions, he said he had just one. It was "How does that (pointing to the man part) get into there (pointing to the female part)?" Ugh. This was where Greg was supposed to step up and talk but he had his face hidden in his shirt. Great. Thanks for the help, babe. Nevertheless, we got the information transferred to his innocent 10 year old brain, and he was done with the talk. A couple of days later I asked him if he had any questions. He quickly replied, "NO!"